SPoT Skate Shop at Skate Park of Tampa

What's Up Posts Made 12/2008

Introducing The Ghostface Killahhhhh...

They Didn't Pull Any Hair

Derewenko's Memory Card

Getting Served And Protected Again

Sauce Is The Reason For The Season

Your Dad May Have Already Told You

Merry Christmas, Bro's

Weapons Grade Aluminum

Bromas Eve

Shoes For Wings And Sauce

Sore Butt


Packages Flying Out Our Butt Ass


We're Skating Gunmetal Today

Frontside Grind Magazine

You Didn't See This Until Midnight Tonight

That's Where We Put Them When You Ask For Valet Parking

Taking Notes Like A Secretary

Another Schaefer Salute

I Wonder How Many Back D's Porpe Did

This Is Only A Very Small Sample

Youtube Is In HD Now

Very "Skate-ery"

Come Up

Who's Living Room Is The Premiere In?

Does Tacky Mean Something Else Over There?

At Least Their Phone Is Decent

I Hate Computers, Especially Those Fruit Company Ones

Getting Kicked Off The Party Team For Sure

Yep, He Won

Luan's Going To Take It

Girl Power

Free Ham And Cheese

P-Stone Farts Will Make You Bail

It's On

Let's Hope The Third Try At Growing Up Sticks

Hell Yes...

How Bush Won The Election

Pat Duffy Broke The Wall, Not Me

Touch Yourself, Not The Ledge

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