Public Service Announcement Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Public Service Announcement

Maybe it's because I'm involved in this whole skateboard contest bid'niss, but I can't stand it when sketchy ass dudes turn themselves pro, enter a pro contest, and/or start their own board company and stamp their name on a plank, which these days is easier to do than printing a t-shirt. I like to refer to these fools as the KKK - the Kook Klux Klan. You know who you are, Brito. I can name about 20 more but I'll bite my lip here. I've met you all, you're real nice guys, but you are no more pro skateboarder than your mom. When you turn pro, you want people to say finally, he's pro, not "Who Dat?" or "He's pro?" Get it? Yeah, have some standards and respect for yourself. Let your legitimate board company turn you pro, not some silly contest or homie company. Man am is better than faux pro any day, but what's really pathetic is many KKK members don't even reach the bar for man am. So, today's PSA is, "Stay out of the KKK." Thank you.

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