It's Not Hate, It's Tough Love Post at Skatepark of Tampa

It's Not Hate, It's Tough Love

I spent just about 24 hours in Vegas with Clements and Rothmeyer. We're plain old skateboard nerds, but of course, with what we do, we're also contest nerds. We always go and check out contests we don't have anything to do with, and this weekend we were in Vegas for the Dew Tour. I blew out my phone on the social media banter on SPoT's Twitter and Facebook. If you don't follow, here's a recap.

I was lucky enough to fly directly over the Hoover Dam on the way to Vegas just now. Damn!

Successful infiltration of Hard Rock Hotel. So far.

Dude Tour is amazing so far! Go Chaz! Good lawd.

"X Games 95" and other mad hate on the course is all I hear at Dew Tour. Even P-Rod boycotted? Wow.

A lot of skateboard careers in this building could use some tough love.

They got a t-shirt cannon here. May as well shoot pro skate careers out of it. Anyone who wants can be pro here. Maybe time for some standards? Just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to my opinion. Ha.

And there's the missing man. P-Rod and Clem have the same hair, except 20 years.

And of course, America is sill the same as last month when I was in Vegas. Damn! Good-bye Las Vegas, see you not soon.
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