Happy Old Year Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Happy Old Year

How did your 2010 go? Ours was a bit busy with travel, bid'niss ventures, and parties all centered around that one little wooden thing with wheels that we so love. Here's a recap of what we did with Skatepark of Tampa and SPoTlight Productions in 2010. What a year that I can't believe was even better than last year. See you in 2011.
We did a trade show.
Are the days of $10,000 Mini-Ramp Jams really gone?
Larry Perkins made a comeback.
Just when we thought we couldn't get any busier, Schaefer goes and opens a bar.
The year starts with everyone coming to our town for Tampa Pro where P-Rod showed us how to make the front foot look good. He then won the damn thing.
People thought we were actually making shoes.
Porpe took the Team to Phoenix Am.
Rothmeyer and I discovered skateboarding in the Galapagos.
Clem got in some motorcycle trips before our crazy travel schedule started up.
Skateboarder had SPoTlight Productions helping with a Hollenbeck shindig in LA.
As travel got nuts, I missed a lot of local contests at SPoT. Stalker Steve and Joe Pelham got my back.
In May, we reached 10,000 fans on Facebook. Just seven months later, it's at 35,000.
We kicked off the travel year with the Maloofs in Vegas.
Woodward invited us to China and taught us amazing Chingrish. The skating and the chilling were pretty good, too.
We celebrated Clem's marriage in our own way.
We arrived in NYC to run Maloof Money Cup and I almost died of iPad technology stress. Nugget was remembered over all others. Chris Cole won it. At least no one could claim racism. This time. Thanks Lil' John for the entertainment.
We went to Minneapolis to do the Damn Am there and put it to bed after eight years. It will be in a new town in 2011. While that was going on, the other half of SPoTlight Productions was running Manny Mania Orlando.
Red Bull had us in Charlotte, North Carolina to run Manny Mania. Jimmy Lannon - so good.
Trampa tried to play nice for Go Skateboarding Day and also fully armed the Bro Bowl. Thanks to Andrew Reynolds and the Emerica team for bringing Wild in the Streets to Tampa.
We arrived in Copenhagen to football madness, went on full city lurk, fried another printer, and ran Copenhagen Pro. Torey Pudwill won it.
The local news came and crushed a skate camper at SPoT.
Oh, we also opened a new skate shop in Ybor. We're not busy enough yet.
I finally made it in Thrasher. Wow.
eS brought the Game of SKATE to SPoT. PJ Castellano won dirty.
At the same time Maloof OC was going on, the other half of SPoTlight Productions was in the next town over at Huntington Beach running CONS' Coastal Carnage. Super am Ben Hatchell won $15,000.
We gathered our Canadianisms and went to Montreal to run DC's King of Montreal, but not before another stop in San Diego for the last ASR.
Back on the local front, it was another Warped Tour in St. Pete.
We returned to Vancouer to do Damn Am Canada courtesy of Billabong. Matt Berger was crowned.
We went to go watch Street League, but I wasn't allowed to shoot photos. So, there was nothing to do except join the Party Team in Vegas.
We arrived in lurk mode in Hollywood to run the Vans Downtown Showdown at Paramount Pictures. On that same weekend, SPoTlight Productions had to split up again while we also ran West 49's Take the Cake on the jean jacket side of Niagra Falls.
We went to Vegas yet again to watch a 1995ish street contest. Glad I went home early.
We arrived in Costa Mesa for the 10th Annual Damn Am we've been doing in the Volcom parking lot.
As the year closed up, SPoTlight Productions donated services for the Make-A-Wish Texas Skate Jam in honor of Johnny Romano.
In another donation of services move, Tony Hawk asked Ryan Clements to announce his charity shindig in Vegas. Had enough Vegas yet?
We reviewed the history of Tampa Am to get ready for the 17th Annual, where we welcomed friends to town, awarded them, chilled with them, and skated with them. Elijah was Tampa Am's 2010 winner.
Alec Majerus was awarded Damn Am of the Year.
We rebuilt the street course for the 17th year in a row.
Black Friday was nuts as usual.
In one last charity move, we collected used boards all year, put them together and then gave 200 of them out in the ghetto.
Okay, one more charity move for the kids, and especially their mommas.
And finally, we had our Ghetto Christmas Party at our bar.
Let's lather, rinse, repeat for next year. See you out there in 2011.
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