TBT: Chany Jeanguenin Rhythm Genesis Post at Skatepark of Tampa

TBT: Chany Jeanguenin Rhythm Genesis

In honor of the Expedition team’s visit to Tampa for the Harvest Jam this weekend, I’m throwing this one back to a part from Expedition honcho and founder: Chany Jeanjacket. Here is his part from Rhythm Skateboard’s Genesis video from 1997. A couple things about Chany: He has loads of natural pop and was always one of the more precise dudes on the board, landing bolts on everything, looking solid going both in and out of moves. Also, there’s no vert featured in this part, but he can still skate the U-pipe as well as any Xgames champ ever could. Or almost. We’ve also had Chany out to judge a Damn Am or two with us lately and you just can’t find a better dude to be around. Now, a couple things about this video. It was produced by Ty Evans and Jose Gomez. Jose if you haven’t heard of him went on to win an Emmy award. And you already know what Ty went on to do. So the video was high in production quality for its time, although it went a little heavy on the electronic music. Rhythm, in addition to being almost impossible to spell correctly (like Chany’s last name) was the epitome of a 90s brand, which was bad news once the 2000s rolled around. Still Chany’s part deserves our attention, so let’s pay it some.
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