Spring Roll 2010 Presented by DVS

Posted on Monday, April 19, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

We held our annual Spring Roll Presented by DVS this past weekend. The SPoTlight big bossmen were in LA hanging out at Hollenbeck Park, so that left the Contest to Porpe as far as running things went and Joe Pelham and me as far as shooting the Contest for the website. Lots of out-of-towners came out for the weekend, which is always nice. We appreciate you all driving a few hours to come down or up from wherever you live.

Here are my photos and Joe Pelham's footage. Thanks for coming everyone. See you at the next one.

Check the Results Page for full results.

Jimmy Lannon was one of the judges and he started the day by getting his brain moving by annihilating me on the pool table.
Skater Profile: Jimmy Lannon
Jimmy Lannon and Danny Renaud in the judges' meeting, getting ready to analyze your skating.
Skater Profile: Danny Renaud
I don't like to call anyone "Who Dat?" but this little guy's name from South Florida escapes me. Feeble stall in the 8 & Under division.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Whoops, another out-of-town Who Dat? kid. Sorry buddy. This is a pretty good nosebonk off the ledge.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
A pretty proper kickflip in the 8 & Under division.
I think this kid's been to a few Saturday and Sunday Lessons with Wizard Smoke. He had rolling down most of the banks ramps down pat.
Connor Hunger slinging out a frontside air.
Skater Profile: Connor Hunger
One of the cooler tricks in 8 & Under was this 50-50 transfer.
This little guy went for it with the frontside 180 off the upper deck.
This kid was protecting his shins with the soccer shin guards. Kickflip.
My obligatory Filmer Joe photo.
This bomb drop was gnarly. This is right before he broke his toe.
Kids were really going for it, and some kids got broke off in the process.
Carl Carson is a SPoT local.
Skater Profile: Carl Carson
Alejandro Burnell was ripping. Kickflip off the upper deck.
Skater Profile: Alejandro Burnell
These little guys, members of the Hunger clan, came up to me and gave me some bracelet that is in the shape of a seahorse when you take it off. I was stoked.
Skater Profile: Connor Hunger
Jacob might've been pretending this grill grease fire was started straight from the depths of hell.
Skater Profile: Jacob Krajewski
Thanks a ton to the sponsors of the event and all the companies that sent out prizes.
Extra special thanks from Body and I to Chipotle for the great food.
Skater Profile: Scotty Conley
8 & Under top three, AJ Dall, Austin Butler, and Connor Hunger.
13 - 15 top three. The Mom in here is the broken toe'd barbarian's mom. He won a trip to Woodward for a week for going for it so hard.
The little guys went nuts in the Product Toss.
The white kid ripped off the product the black kid caught, so the black kid got some justice and chased him down.
Our friends at Bentley Salon in Tampa hooked up a $50 off certificate for us to give out. We gave it to the headband hustler here. Don't go into that salon shirtless wearing basketball shorts though.
These dads were a little bummed on the lack of bigger sized shirts in the Product Toss.
Jake Mills left his fruity scooter far behind and is now skating at the Park everyday, learning new tricks. Welcome to the good side, buddy.
Skater Profile: Jake Mills
Willie Wilson is a Park local. He's here a lot. Clean kickflip down the stairs.
Skater Profile: Willie Wilson
Ginger Jared frontside 5-0 the hubba.
Skater Profile: Jared Baker
Who Dat? Switch boardslide.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Jamie Foy came up from South Florida and locked this back smith down the rail.
Skater Profile: Jamie Foy
Daytona's Devin Bagnoli has a proper three flip.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli
It's fun to see the little guys progress and get some power behind their tricks. I can see some style peeking through on Devin Bagnoli's lipslide here.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli
Who Dat? was ripping all day. Front smith down the rail.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Dylan Perry, steady iPhoning.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
13 - 15 top three, Jamie Foy, Devin Bagnoli, and Koan Hernandez.
Dalton Dern came out to the Contest and slashed this 50-50 to wallride for a sequence.
Skater Profile: Dalton Dern
Tampa filmer Stephen Buggica turned 21 on the day of the Contest. During Robbie Kirkland's jam, Buggica and several other members of the illustrious Skull Rash crew barged the course and had their own contest.
Jimmy Mastrocolo's switch front heels are clean and smooth.
Skater Profile: Jimmy Mastrocolo
Markus Jalaber won the Valentine's Day Massacre with his deep bag of tricks. He pulled this cab lipslide in his heat and ripped in this Contest, too.
Skater Profile: Markus Jalaber
Keverick Evans had a proper looking front feeble on the ledge all day.
Skater Profile: Kevrick Evans
Piro Sierra blows my mind every time I see him skate. He stomped this nollie back heel.
Skater Profile: Piro Sierra
Wizard Smoke was stuck working the Shop during the Contest, but he managed to peek out from his Wizard's lair and see some skating a couple times throughout the day.
Skater Profile: Wizard Smoke
T-Ray Gibson is a ripper from down near Sebring, Florida, a super small town. He cruised through this snappy backside 5-0 frontside 180 out.
CJ Dixon is another skater that's a total pleasure to watch. Ollie up to frontside 5-0.
Skater Profile: CJ Dixon
CJ Dixon slayed the rail with this nollie front feeble.
Skater Profile: CJ Dixon
I had a lot of photos of CJ after everything was said and done. Half cab feeble.
Skater Profile: CJ Dixon
Wow, Markus. Kickflip front smith down the rail.
Skater Profile: Markus Jalaber
Robbie Kirkland's nollie three flip down the stairs was amazing in person.
Skater Profile: Robbie Kirkland
Piro Sierra shut the stairs down with this powerful nollie big heel.
Skater Profile: Piro Sierra
A kid whose name escapes me wanted me to shoot his boardslide down the rail.
Skater Profile: Shak Wright
Another kid who wanted to get his trick documented. Front smith down the rail.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
DJ AK killed it with the iPod all day and when Master P's classic, "Make 'em Say Uggghhhh," came on, this kid got hyped.
16 & Up top three, Connor Askew, Andrew Grabowski, and Dimitri Rangos.
Sponsored top three, Piro Sierra, CJ Dixon, and Robbie Kirkland.
You're never too old to hop into the Product Toss for some free goods.
All the babes were out at the Contest. Hey girl...
This kid stepped up to Body's challenge to bong down a Red Bull. He tried...

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