Ryan Sheckler Is Not Ruining Skateboarding

Slaughter at the Opera 2008 Chill Time
Ryan Sheckler just turned 18 and got his own place a week ago. Check out his Transworld interview. He made a few good points in there. I make fun of everything and everyone, including myself and Sheckler, but one thing I'm not going to say is that Sheckler is ruining skateboarding. If you think that, sorry, you're just stupid. True skateboarding has survied the XGaymes, Tony Hawk riding for Bagel Bites, big ass companies buying into it, Bam, Andy Mac, and it will survive Ryan Sheckler's show. Skateboarding is stronger than that so stop screaming the sky is falling. At least Sheckler is a damn good skateboarder. Okay, see you at the gym, Ryan!
Ryan Sheckler Is Not Ruining Skateboarding


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