Sep 26 2005 3:14PM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Sep 26 2005 3:14PM

I just had a nice industry gossip chat with my friend and new business partner, Mike Sinclair. Here's the cliff notes on what's up lately in the sketchy skateboard business: Emmanuel Guzman is now on Vox. Girl is starting a new grip tape company called Thuper Grip. Yeah, Thuper. Try to say that without feeling homophobic. Kenny Hughes now rides for Autobahn. So far the rider list for the new company called Bueno is Stacy Lowery, Shiloh Greathouse, Mark Gutterman, and Nate Broussard. Traffic Skateboards is rumored to be starting a new vert division called Air Traffic. Is that what skateboard companies have to do to support vert now? Have a whole separate division? Maybe Plan B will put all their vert skaters on Plan V next. Dyson Ramones now rides for Duffs. And finally in the rumor department (are there any rumors in skateboarding that aren't true?), the RBK/DGK thing apparently is peace out of business. Grand opening, grand closing.
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