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I skimmed through this video of the "chubby Canadian" and his homies watching Tampa Pro's live webcast and one part I happened to click on had the dude saying, "I'm going to $h!it all over SPoT, I lost all respect for them." Haha, I guess he hates Weezy. Go to the 42:00 mark for that gem. I'm looking forward to your post, Mr. Watson. He's got a great site with funny, highly opinionated call outs of all kinds of madness in skateboarding. The gangster shirts post was one of my favorites. Whenever skateboarding can't laugh at itself anymore is the day we've really gone wrong. I'm glad we're not anywhere near that, well most of us anyway, even if skateboarding these days is not the same as what we grew up with. Check out youwillsoon.com. Thanks for watching, three Canadians. Maybe we'll see you in Canada for Damn Am this year. In other lurkin' of the internet in avoidance of my mountain of work I have in my face, I saw Skateboarder Magazine's edit of the Finals and it's amazing. Someone get that camera guy laid. I still have yet to get some chill and rest time. All good, though. Photos coming up soon.
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