Randoms From Copenhagen 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Randoms From Copenhagen 2011

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2011 by Rob

by Rob Meronek

Our first day in Copenhagen involved a travel recovery nap early in the morning, then rolling through the city on bikes and boards, wrapping up with a nice dinner with our Copenhagen friends over the intricacies of the sketchy skateboard industry and our favorite pros that are in town this weekend.

Schaefer can cram any number of bags no matter how big or small into any vehicle of any size.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Credit cards here all have a PIN number assigned like a debit card, so at most places, our American credit cards can't be used.
The architecture is pretty different here.
Cinderella here and her scooter pals were taking over at this little corner park down the street from Copenhagen Skatepark.
We ran into Ben Schroeder biking through the city.
Skater Profile: Ben Schroeder
Last year this was some run down park with a bunch of wooden ramps that were falling apart. This year, we returned to find the city put in this amazing stuff. So simple and so damn fun. Please take note, US and A.
This baby quarter is super tight and a little scary with no deck.
This bank to curb is so good whether you're 15 or 50. Again, please take note, US and A.
I wonder if we're bumming people out by skating in the bike lanes.
We're at Copenhagen Skatepark now.
It's another 100% re-do of the course this year. The ripping starts today.
The bike racks are pretty amazing ledges.
Bar flies are universal.
Construction should be wrapping up today.
They have some awesome skateboard artifacts here.
A baby bowl with ate up pool coping.
I had to ask around to find out what this contraption is.
We had to get a bit of tourist mission in even though we've done this for five years.
A geography lesson on the area from our Copenhagen pals.
We're at some Thai place. Reda showed up for dinner!
Skater Profile: Giovanni Reda
Food fetish.
The slow shutter speed here is not enough to capture the colorful mannerisms of Reda as he asks The Doc to go Back to the Future.
Skater Profile: Giovanni Reda
All the steaming hot coffee and latte here comes in glasses with no handles. Bring an oven mit if you're a coffee drinker.
For the couple hours that the sun actually goes down, it's cold and raining, hopefully only on the first night.


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