A Case of the Political Mondays Post at Skatepark of Tampa

A Case of the Political Mondays

I'm going to start a restaurant that serves nothing but hot dogs, hamburgers, and 64oz root beer floats and call it Rob's Chinese, Jap, and Viet Cong Buffet. Then when people go, "Where the fly lice and cat meat?" I'll be like, "YOU RACIST!!!," and kick them out of my joint. Oh wait, that's good racism, right? Having preconceived notions and assumptions about the food people eat based their race? Well, I guess there's good racism and bad racism. The silly, unwritten rulebook of political correctness looks the other way in certain situations. Oh well, humans are jacked. Monday is MLK Day and all our black homies skate free that day. I'd say that's good racism. We will even prorate based on your ancestry. A quarter black? 25% off! Half-breed? Half price! I'm still waiting on that oriental holiday. And don't forget the good sexism. Girls skate free everyday at SPoT since day one. See y'all here!
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