Valentine's Day Massacre 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Valentine's Day Massacre 2008

Posted on Sunday, February 15, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Get your girl to hang out all day at the Skatepark on Valentines Day by telling her you're taking her out for a meal, drinks, and a show. When you get here she'll find out the meal is Snack Bar pizza, the drinks are Xing Tea, and the show is the Valentines Day Massacre Contest. I don't think that'll get you more hickeys like Randy Tepper has here. Photos coming up Monday
Sebastian Vargas ended up in 5th in the Intermediate Division. That's a frontside nosegrind that took a few tries for the photo, but when it came time for his Jam, it's wasn't a problem
Bowl slashers over 40 and tykes under 10 are all about the wristguards. That's Haze Miller boardsliding his way to 10th in the Intermediate. His parents must have been in the drum circle behind the vert ramp when they named him
I wonder if this redhead is a stepchild. That's Patrick Fischbach - frontside 180 to 15th place in the Beginner Division
David Jordan had a good looking baby hardflip
The frontside feeble is a very popular move. I believe this is Evan Sykes, but I can't find him in the results anywhere
Evan Sykes - frontside flip
Who dat? Switch frontside 180
I bet six dudes dropped lines on Randy Tepper's girl before he even rode away from this feeble grind
How many classic stories have you heard about brother A stealing brother B's girl? Chad Tepper should go for it right after this crooked grind
Tyler Hunger is only nine and won the Intermediate Division. It seems he bypassed that whole ugly grabbing phase. Most kiddie kickflips involve some kind of grabbing between the legs
Davin Wynkoop got 6th in Intermediate. He's only 12, but his kickflips are looking mature
Chad Tepper, do I need to put a toilet on this one? I don't recall him riding away from this hurricane he was trying
My 360 flips look kind gross like this, except this kid is 1/10th my age and has his whole life to outgrow it. I bet he has them looking good by the next Contest. It's amazing watching kids progress as each Contest goes by
As old as this trick is, I never learned a good tuck knee grab. I like watching kids do them right like this. Who dat?
Here's another really old one. The roast beef grab. I'm not sure if this kid is trying that grab or begging for change. Not many people are a fan of this stunt on a skateboard
It's weird seeing someone besides Ryan Clements doing a pivot to fakie. Jordan Hunter does them looking good. Tye dye is almost as popular as the frontside feeble
I bet Randy Tepper's girl was real impressed by Chad Tepper's no comply tailslide
Winners of the Beginner Division
Winners of the Intermediate Division
It was pretty odd not seeing any Mongolian madness all day. The stinkers were out though. Jake Blue - stink bug air
If you got the stinker, you may as well throw in the classic tyke move. There were plenty of blunt nosegrabs today. Jake Blue's hair bomb doesn't phase him
There's no excuse for the nosegrab when nine-year-old Tyler Hunger is doing blunt fakies without the crutch or the toddler delay of game
Jata and the Gows cast judgement on you all
Body, thanks for the mic entertainment
Tuck knee kid can take it to the rail
Damn, Chris Blake was killing it today. He nollied into this nosegrind
It's Valentine's Day and couples can't keep their hands off each other. I wonder if they got their hair done together today. Ms. Kentucky needs a Valentine
Of course Body steps up as Ms. Kentucky's involuntary Valentine
A small sample of who you're skating against. The only drink I see in this photo is a Gatorade. Hmm
Winners of the Advanced Division
Dan Mele seems to always be rolling with a crew of bangin' girls. Maybe it's that Master's he's working on at University of Tampa
So, when I saw this girl in the vicinity of Dan Mele, I assumed it was yet another he was dragging into the skate scene. Turns out they don't even know each other. I just needed a Valentine's photo
Body's doing some sort of hurricane-ish thing. Damn, that concrete must be strong
TJ Sparks' flick and catch on a kickflip over the pyramid
Ray Ray was rip ripping. He got 2nd in the Sponsored Qualifiers. This is a switch flip 50-50
Anthony Verdi is going to backside 180 out of this switch frontside 5-0
Timmy Knuth ended up winning the Sponsored Finals. This is a kickflip frontside nosegrind
Who dat? Heelflip frontside boardslide
Benji Godoy - smith grind
Benji's getting a little lazy on this crooked grind
Who dat? Frontside 5-0 lean back
Remember when Fabrizio Santos used to do those one foot crooked grinds? Lucky for Clint Bestwick, his is on accident. I don't think anyone should intentionally do that
Who dat? Smith grind
Chris Arreguin - frontside 5-0 with his all black Tampa Kit
CJ Dixon has been trying to get a spot in Damn Am Minneapolis in June. You're in CJ! This is a frontside big spin
Who dat? Kickflip hairbomb
Jereme Knibbs - back lip up
Davin Wynkoop has to look up mid-360 flip to avoid collision with someone who looks like a former Mongolian. Kid in the back has a pretty awkward looking set up for the manny pad. The Contest format was all jams today so you were always skating with at least four other people on the course
A nice leveled out ollie from Christian Baker
Has this kid been partying or what? Look at all those wristbands
David Jordan's in the frontside feeble club
Alex Pellegrino - frontside nosegrind pop out to 2nd place in the Sponsored Finals
Anthony Henderson lost the helmet and gained an iPod. Crooked grind on the strong concrete
Andrew Sixberry should grow up to be a cowboy with a name like that. Frontside noseblunt slide
Barret Clayton - crooked grind
Brandon Baker - frontside nosegrind
Yonis has a noseblunt slide up
Dylan Perry - frontside bluntslide
Chris Blake - nollie crooked grind pop-over. Chris, please come and skate some of the Damn Am's with us all year
Wow, Dylan Perry. Big old backside 360 over the pyramid. Must be the Tampa Kit
Chris Blake is closing in on a gap to frontside nosegrind. Check the sequence
Chris Blake - gap to frontside nosegrind
It's the end of the day and I guess Randy's girl is still Randy's girl. Nice try everyone
Anthony Henderson - frontside nosegrind
Who dat? Back smith
Porpe finished up the day by taking $20 from Ryan Clements for this kickflip frontside boardslide
Those are the Sponsored Division winners. Thanks to everyone who came to our Contest. Hope you had a good time and next time if you want a photo, just let me know


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