Tampa Pro 2013 Party Presented by Converse Featuring Big Boi

Posted on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

It started out with a foggy night in Trampa, but at least it didn't rain again.
Metz opened up and shredded he airwaves.
Thanks to Converse for the show, party, and booze.
Thanks for watching our video that Josh Stewart put together.
Big Boi came on at 11pm with a lot of Outkast songs.
Pat Stiener is behind the scenes at the video desk working on SPoT Life all weekend with HiDefJoe. No working tonight, though.
I had to get out of that crows nest and down to the front where Team Handsome was surrounded by ladies and the Perfect Man.
It's a nice dance party down here.
The FSEC is always nearby.
I feel like Tampa Pro is so legit when people like Mike Anderson show up, skate, and hang out all weekend. Thanks, Mike!
Beautiful dance moves.
OG Skatepark of Tampa Party Team chief Don Brown's presence makes this party officially certified.
Eric Lovejoy makes nice things at Nike.
Rob Brink, Josh Friedburg, and Doug Works.
Kenny got his real life Instas with Big Boi.
Out front we have Big House Bob, Danny, John, and T-Bone.
At 50+, Ron Allen skates all day and hangs all night. What's your excuse for not being here?
You can find Jaime Owen's photos at Skateboarder Magazine.
Thanks again, Converse, Big Boi, and Metz.
New homies from 100% Skate in Brazil. Thanks for coming to cover the Contest.
Over at the Reservoir, Buggica keeps it going.
HiDefJoe in between SPoT Life edits.
Clarence is a Tampa contest veteran. Thanks for coming all these years.
Hazard County homie Chason Trau, we'll see you up in Atlanta soon for Damn Am. If you sent me email on that in the last few days, hang tight, I'll get back to you soon.
Ian Michna is here from Jenkem Mag. They're always doing some entertaining skateboarding pieces over there.
Lookin like a Hawaiian vacation or casual Friday right now.
Nick Halkias has the rollercoaster stance for his party photo. That's a good one to change it up to from the standard thumbs up, sideways peace sign, shocker, etc.
Next thing you know, everyone's doing the rollercoaster stance.
The go to peace sign is always a safe bet.
On the streets of Ybor, waiting for trouble to come or about to cause it on their own.
Tom and I both have to be at work in just a few hours. We should not be in Czar.
Pause for a foot fetish before going home.
More FSEC, Angel going in while I'm just headed out. Good night, thanks for coming to Big Boi, ya'll.

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