Venice Skatepark

Clements and I stopped by Venice Beach Skatepark right before we got on the plane to return to Tampa from the X-Games. It's a fun relaxing place to have a good time on your skateboard. If you want actual skate coverage of the X-Games instead of too many pictures of girls, check out and Rob We skated plenty of the LA spots, but I figured you'd seen enough pivot fakie and tail block photos from Clem and I. Next time we'll bring a ripper with us.

I watched the one hour summary (with a lot of fast forwarding) of this weekend’s X-Games on ESPN. There was no street coverage in there. Tons of human cannonball skateboard launcher, vert, and all the other crap like surfing and motocross, but no street. At first I thought that sucked, but then realized that they know that the average person that doesn’t skate won’t understand normal skateboarding. We’re safe. This thing we do with a piece of wood and wheels is far from being understood and taken over by the average jackass in a suit. So don’t panic. Real skateboarding is still what it’s always been, at least at the street level.
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