A Sketchy Skateboard Industry Rant

To people old enough for Grampa Am, this crap matters. Kids, skip it. Trending topics in the sketchy skateboard industry crap talk cess pool will forever include the subject of trade shows. When you work in the sketchy skateboard industry, you want to work with other skateboarders that see things like you do, not goons that think of suck-urity and lock-down as soon as someone mentions having a good time. Or, especially ones that take skateboarding and lump it in with surf, motox, snow, scoot, scat, flippy floppies, etc. So, it's natural that the grown up skateboarders would want to start their own thing like Jamie Thomas did with his Crossroads Trade Show. As far as this coast of the United States, we bowed out and started our own thing, too. It's called The Moat Show. Colin Clark made this one minute commercial for The Moat Show. Maybe we'll see you here. On the other coast, ASR has been attempting to do their part to accomodate the picky ass bastards us skateboarders are. This has led to things like Jamie Thomas and his Crossroads show partering up with ASR for February's show in San Diego. As always, we're still down with ASR and doing the Damn Am of the Year Awards with them in San Diego. The Crossroads event combined with the contest Volcom does at ASR should make for a fun weekend of great skating and skateboard product nerdery. See you at both. I'm bringing my pro model laptop and unveiling a new bid'niss nickname to further my skateboard industry career.
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