Red Bull 'Seek and Destroy 2' Video Review Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull 'Seek and Destroy 2' Video Review

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2005 by ATMurrell

Red Bull 'Seek and Destroy 2' Video Review
Words by ATMurrell

The Red Bull 'Seek and Destroy 2' video is yet another free DVD - this one is included with the new Skateboarder (Javier Mendizabal cover). Since it's free, there's obviously no reason you shouldn't check it out.

In case you didn't catch last year's contest, the basic concept is as follows: There are four teams. Each team is based on a city (Long Beach, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and last year's champions, Philadelphia) and is composed of three guys - two skaters and a filmer. They have 48 hours in each city to get as much footage as possible from three predetermined spots. After six days (two days in three cities), the teams put together a video part of all the footage gained for everyone involved to watch. After viewing the footage, the team members vote on the best trick done at each spot and the winner of the vote for each spot gets $500. In addition, the team with the best overall footage gets $10,000! Each city had a section with just the spots and then the teams each have their own section.

The teams made a little less sense this time around, but they are as follows: Long Beach was represented by Greg Lutzka, Terry Kennedy (who got one trick in before being replaced by NJ local Ron Deily), and Hoops as the filmer. The spots were the Belmont Ledges, the Courthouse Eight-Stair Rails, and the Poly Academy Big Three.

The Los Angeles team was all ams - Chris Roberts, Joey Brezinski, and R.B. Umali behind the lens. The three spots to hit were the Santa Monica Pier, the Santa Monica Courthouse, and Downtown LA.

Las Vegas was definitely the odd ball out, with Ragdoll, Kenny Anderson, and filmer Russell Houghten. The set of spots was the Vegas Strip, the LV Academy, and the Russell Ditch.

The Philadelphia team was reigning champion, with Pete Eldridge (replacing Kerry Getz after two days), Mike Maldonado, and Mark Brandsetter with the camera.

Rather than go through everything that went down, I'll just keep it light, since this is free. The LBC team came through with serious style, mostly from Greg, who kills it. Ron Deily is definitely one to not sleep on though. Joey Brezenski is one of the most entertaining people to watch on film - both skating and lifestyle, and Chris Roberts proves his ability to go pro. Ragdoll is extremely original, and Kenny Anderson oozes style. The Philly team seemed weakest overall, but they lacked the hometown advantage like all the other teams. Everyone came through with sick stuff - just think about how hard it is to film a video part in California, with only six days.

The overall winner was the ________ team, coming out 10 G's richer. If you want the blank filled in, you better check out the vid yourself - it's worth it.



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