Here's a Sales Pitch

When was the last time you had a sales pitch thrown at you here? Yeah I better do that so I can pay the bills and keep this job of pretty much doing nothing but making up crap to put on a website. Here's an update from the Pro Shop:

Craig Kaths' graphic on that new SPoT shirt is also available on SPoT decks: Skatepark of Tampa: Hold It Downtown Limited Edition Deck. Once they're gone, we're not making any more. You know the appropriate buzz word for that method of marketing so I won't drop it on you here. The new Thrasher has enough coverage of Chris Cole to keep him on top of the Captain Corporate Coverage Patrol for life. I have the fun job of entering all the magazines into the super gargantuan database today. The Body has been busy this week checking in new stuff from these companies: Listen, Matix, Sessions, Circa, and Zoo York. The New Arrivals Page breaks all this down for you. Get your shoe fetish on at the New Shoes Page. If you're broke, oh well. Just check out pictures of chicks.
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