Seeman's a Dick Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Seeman's a Dick

How ironic. Seeman's a dick. Here's a note from Clements:

Matt Seeman, former Skatepark of Tampa employee and New Blood Team Rider is a total piece of $h!t. He admitted to stealing 50 Vestal Watches, 50 sets of Bones Swiss, and countless decks and other products from Skatepark of Tampa during Tampa Am 2006 as a trusted employee. The items that he stole were prizes for the top 12 placings and promo for the Product Toss. Skatepark knows that he gave some of them away to his friends in St. Louis, but the rest of the product is unaccounted for. Seeman admitted to the theft on June 21, 2006 out front of Skatepark of Tampa after very little interrogation. He was spared a beat-down due to the fact that he's a piece of $h!t and probably would turn around and sue Skatepark and those that administered the beating. He is obviously cancelled from anything that Skatepark of Tampa/SPoTlight Productions has anything to do with and they suggest that you don't let him into your shop/skate park in risk that he might rip you off, too.

If you don't know him, it's this fool right here:
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