Taking Notes Like A Secretary Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Taking Notes Like A Secretary

Here are the highlights from the weekly SPoT employee meeting that just went down. Boston is wondering how the toilets are clogged before we even open. What? Who dat? Damn. Respect the pooper, please. Frosty said he can show you how to use a plunger if you're scared of one. Wizard Smoke mentioned that this is our tightest crew of employees ever (except for pooper manners) and that because of that Tampa Am went as smooth as ever. Miami Jackson says there were lots of compliments on the new fish bowl all weekend. Dark Mark's pony tail looked picture perfect as it has in every single meeting since he started working here. I think it could be fake. Body says if he catches you sneaking in, he makes you pay then kicks you out afterwards. Nice work, detective. In what could be the signs of a comeback, Jacob mentioned that kids are asking to have lights on the vert ramp. Hmm. Angel suggested a suggestion box. Clem says the 99 Bottles Art Show raised about two grand for Boards For Bro's. With that loot, Deluxe is hooking it up with skate stuff for us to build more boards. There are currently about 150 back there ready to be passed out in your local hard hitting neighborhood before Christmas. Tuesday at 7pm, the SPoT staff is hopping on cruiser boards and pushing over to Channelside Hooters where the proceeds from my eBay shoes auction are paying for wings and sauce for everyone in attendance. Kelly said some Nike head on the phone goes, "I understand you're a girl, so let me talk to a dude." He then filed a complaint with Clements. Thanks for the laughs, man. Until next week...
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