Two Things Certain in Life: Puke and Taxes Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Two Things Certain in Life: Puke and Taxes

Pardon the nerdy bid'niss rant. The gub'ment has declared this thing called Sales Tax Holiday. From your perspective, it's awesome. For three days, there's no sales tax, but only on certain stuff: Clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc. Oh, and it's only on things that cost $75 or less, unless it's "supplies" then the amount is $15. Accounting itself is a boring nightmare to begin with, but adding crazy rules like this to your business really just makes you wanna puke. Puuuuke! Is there a business out there that just has an easy way to simply turn off taxes in their transaction systems? On top of that, add a varying dollar threshold in? I wrote our whole inventory and point of sale system myself and have never really used anything else. Maybe all other systems have that feature? I don't know, but ours doesn't and I'm not about to waste time writing it. So, what we're doing here is simply putting everything at 7% off. You'll still see a "sales tax" charge on your receipt, but with everything being 7% off, it's the same end price as if there was no sales tax. Okay, done with the accounting rant. Starting tonight at midnight, everything's 7% off through Sunday at midnight. This also applies in both of our store locations, too.
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