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Sometime a couple years ago was the first time SPoTlight Productions had so much going on that we had to split the crew up into two groups to run two different events that were going on the same weekend. This weekend was the first one where we had three and the first SPoTlight Productions shindig that neither Schaefer, Clements, or I have been in attendance at. Not a problem, though. Porpe's got it. While Schaefer and I were in Shanghai for the Damn Am, Clements stayed in Tampa for the Birdhouse Demo with Tony Hawk. There's also a SPoTlight shindig going on right now in Las Vegas: The Maloof Best Line Challenge. Porpe is out there running that one with Mike Sinclair as the head judge. I'm sure by now he's given back all the winnings from his last trip and then some. Oh well, looks like the Contest is going to be a good one, though. Check the results from yesterday here and the Finals jams here that are starting up in an hour. The winner of the Maloof Best Line Challenge Presented by MAGIC comes up $10,000.
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