One Day, I'll Be the First Human to Go Digital Post at Skatepark of Tampa

One Day, I'll Be the First Human to Go Digital

These days, everyone's going from analog to digital. I wonder if I can be the first human to ever go digital. Like I'll just Tweet, "Never physically leaving the house ever again, or putting pants on. I'm 100% digital now." Done. 100% keyboard only. Then I'm Facetime checking you in at every Damn Am, SPoT contest, etc. I'd have to write a fist bumps app, a high five app, and a gangster hug app to handle and replace all my physical interaction of the past. I would need a serious right hand human to cover events like I do, pointing the phone at the action where I'd just take a photo of my screen back at home with no pants on. Oh well, maybe when I'm 60. I do need a serious right hand human right now, though. Yep, a junior Digital Ninja position here at SPoT. More on that in a separate post. Anyway, one of our old favorites, Skateboarder Magazine, has gone digital. They still do a print copy of the mag, but it only goes to limited shops. We're lucky enough to get included in that. I checked out their digital version iOS app today and it's the same as the mag. Super tight.
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