School's Out Jam All Ages Contest 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam All Ages Contest 2005

Posted on Saturday, June 18, 2005 by Rob

School's Out Jam All Ages Contest 2005
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

16 and Up winners Jorge Angel (1st), Jason Durbin (2nd), and Danny Manley (3rd)
Jonathan Cruz - switch nosegrind on the bump to ledge
Jonathan Cruz - switch varial heel up the step up
Sponsored winners Ryan Williamson (1st), Dylan Perry (2nd), and Jack Moran (3rd)
Robbie Kirkland is going to pop out of this nosegrind into the bank
Jorge Angel is back and he won 16 and Up. This is a frontside boardslide down the square rail
This pretty much sums up Jason Fintel's run. Take a poop
Dave Cruz did a switch pole jam on the padded pole in his run. This is a 360 flip up the step up
Whenever the runs get boring, this is what I stare at
You can get a soda in the Snack Bar from Alex Bowers and then you can get a nice looking backside flip from him on the kahuna
13 to 15 winners Jonathan Quinones (3rd), Jimmy Mastrocele (1st), and Chris Perry (2nd)
9 to 12 winners Gavin Bishop (2nd) and Justin Atchley (1st). Justin's like Baby Busenitz
8 and Under Winners Kai Gause (3rd), Bong Gause (2nd), and Clint Bestwick (1st). They all rip. I'm amazed that kids under eight can do what they're doing
Brian Schaefer and time keeping side kick Ms. Harrison. I can't remember her first name. It's something that sounds like Phillipines. We'll just go with that for now since that's where I was born
Robbie Morrison's got some big pop on these nollie heels over the hip
Robbie Morrison - switch 360 flip over the hip
Justin Atchley won the 9 to 12 Division. This is a feeble grind on the square rail
Jimmy Mastrocele won the 13 to 15 Division. This is a back lip on the bump to flat bar
Gavin Bishop - all up in yo' face with a backside flip over the hip
Before Jason Fintel was drunk by 3pm, he was able to get some skating in - frontside tail slide on the bump to ledge
Devon Lynch - wallie into the bank
Dylan Perry backside ollies the hip while a shakka shark tries to attack Daniel Argudo for wearing that gear
That shakka shark can't stay away from Daniel Argudo's shorts, even on this 50-50 on the bank to wall
Bong Gause is boardsliding his way to second place in the 8 and Under Division
Curtis Valentine - nollie over the rail
Curtis Valentine - switch backside flip over the hip

The Sponsored Division in this Contest had some Tampa Am style runs that made making top five pretty tough. In first was this dude I never heard of named Ryan Williamson from Oviedo. I think that's somewhere near Orlando or something. Anyway, he nollied the pyramid, did a frontside nosegrind on the square handrail, a 5-0 pop out on the ledge into the bank, a smooth backside ollie over the quarterpipe hip, and a gap to 5-0 on the a-frame, among other things. Dylan Perry got second and did a back tail on the bank to ledge, then nollied into the step-up. After that, he crooked grinded the round rail then did a 50-50 pop out on the bank-to-bank rail. He finished off his perfect run with a backside overcrook on the bump to flat bar and a gap to frontside 50-50 on the bank to bank rail. Chris Jata could have taken first if he didn't fall off at the end. He made a super steezed nollie inward heel over the hip and ended up in 6th. There were a lot of rippers in the younger divisions, too, including the 8 and Under. Clint Bestwick is like 6 or something and he can kickflip off the ledge. You probably can't even read when you're six, right? I'll let the photos to your right do the rest of the talking. If you made it out, thanks. If your company sent promo, thanks.



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