Aug 17 2004 9:18AM

When sketchy flyer guy made this one, I don't think he realized that there should have been a better description of the video they're going to show. They describe it as "focusing on the scootering scene in FL." I know, you're definitely not taking anything from a flyer guy that sketchy, and of course, gay. Not that there's anything wrong (or right) with that. Don't make eye contact, keep walking quick and straight forward. A stern "no thanks" should do the trick. Or, if you enjoy being a prick, you can just hold your hand upto the side of your face and pretend you don't see him. Ok, they're actually talking about Vespa scooters, which I guess is cool since pro skaters like Arto Saari and Matt Hensley roll around on those things. That's going down along with a punk rock show this Saturday right here at SPoT. Take the flyer for more info.
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