Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol: May 2006

Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol for May 2006 is done. This month's overall coverage champ is Clint Peterson. This month's most published photographer is Mike Burnett from Thrasher. Cody McEntire is starting to get coverage now. After winning Tampa Am, you're starting to see him all over the place. Here's a nerdy skate statistic for you. Of all the skaters that got coverage in the big five skate magazines this month, only 20 of them have either never been in the mags or not been in since I started tracking in May of last year. Those 20 are: Jerry Fowler, Sergie Ventura, James Kelch, Ben Lopez, Marquise Preston, KC Prill, Danny Rosario, Quincy Quigg, David Loy, Lurker Lou Sarowsky, Pedro Day, Rod James, Peter Bici, Cody McEntire, Nigel Alexander, Jean Jacques, Chris Pfanner, Lucian Moon, Jack Crook, and Chuck Wampler. Our industry sure keeps it pretty tight on who makes it into the mags.
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