I'm on Citizen Pooping Patrol

It's Friday morning and I'm trying to get some real work done, but I got distracted with some great entertainment in my inbox just now. The stiff goonies running the Skypoint building in front of Curtis Hixon Park sent this out in an email to all the residents:
"Please call the Tampa Police Department if you see anyone abusing our new park. This would include adults abusing the children's park, skateboarders, vandals and people not picking up after their dogs."
I witness these atrocious acts in Curtis Hixon Park on a daily basis, so in an effort to make myself an even more outstanding citizen of society than I already am, I made the call to TPD to report the skateboarding pooping. Here's how my call went:
Join the discussion about this on Facebook. Keep your eyes and nose open for the poop, especially when you're skateboarding through the Park. Poop will ruin a great set of new bearings, you know. See you at Curtis Hixon where I will be posted up with a long lens to document offending dog walkers for further reporting to police. I'm here for you, Skypoint!
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