It's Time for Go Skateboarding Day Again: Tuesday, June 21

We've done a lot of crap in the past to stir things up downtown for Go Skateboarding Day. After years of making our statement, I think we are finally just going to keep things low key this year. Yep, we're being well behaved grown ups. There's no way that our homie Rob Dyrdek will have the world's largest skateboard here in Tampa. Plus, what business on Tampa Street in their right minds would hide/store this gargantuan skateboard until we're ready to strike on June 21st? None. All businesses hate skateboarding - it's a known fact. And, there's aboslutely no way we're going to be able to roll it right down Tampa Street through downtown at noon. And, it's definitely impossible to get 300+ skateboarders to help pick it up and turn it left at Madison Street so we can roll it right past Officer Doofy headquarters. Yeah, right. That would be insane. To make things even more unbelievable, there's is no way in hell we will have an attorney on site ready to take your case when Officer Doofy gives you a ticket. Finally, I would be a complete idiot if I was out there giving money to anyone who gets a skateboard ticket so they can fight it in court and make the system and rules look silly rather than just lay down and pay it. Yep, there is no way in hell anyone would be able to pull off wacky plans like that, especially a bunch of dirtbag idiot skateboarders like us. So, see you at the plain old Skatepark of Tampa for just a plain old boring day of regular ass skateboard activity. Anything you hear on the streets about this plan is an intricate web of fabricated lies that we as SPoT are not responsible for. No reasonable person would think something like this could happen anyway. Or not, Doofy. See you on Tuesday, June 21.
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