Nike Bid'niss and Pleasure in Portland

Clem, Schaefer, and my fellow Innetech inventory slangster Justin Ryan were with me in Portland last week for some meetings with our friends at Nike to go over all kinds of things. Here are a few things we worked out, plus some observations:
  • Pushead is the artist for Tampa Am 2011 and Tampa Pro 2012.
  • Dr. Octagon is performing during the Am at the Anniversary Party on Friday night. Wow. Remember the album cover? Yep, see previous point. What a pair.
  • Nike will be premiering The SB Chronicles Vol. 1 at Tampa Am on Saturday night. We will be joined by a list of launch parties all around the world that will be watching with us over the web.
  • Tampa Am will be broadcast live at We are not concerned with old media such as the boob tube. Let’s move on and control our own content and distribution. Digital high five.
  • The people at Burnside are very nice dudes and extremely polite.
  • If I ever grow up, I’d like to be a marketing chief and visionary like Sandy Bodecker.
  • Skatepark of Tampa’s 20-Year Anniversary Party at the end of 2012 is going to blow the doors off your mind. Can’t wait.
As usual, I got a few random photos from the trip and a bit of video from my phone. This was filmed on the old iPhone 4 since the 4S wasn’t out yet, but edited in Premiere since iOS5 has been crashing like a drunk driver: Nike Bid'niss and Pleasure in Portland.

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