Digital Product Toss Results: High Ollie Complete Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: High Ollie Complete

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 by Rob

After taking all 471 emails in the Aldrin Garcia High Ollie Digital Product Toss and randomly sorting them, someone with 420 in their email won it. Wow, that dude is stoked. If your email starts with Shoppingcarter420, check your email. If you're a comment troll, here's all 471 wisecracks that were submitted. Only the first few characters of email are displayed for privacy. Thanks for participating. Get in on the new DPT here if you haven't already: The Hundreds Garfield Cruiser Deck.

adamha: golly gee batman a new skate would be the cats meow!! 04/12/11 11:53 PM
starr2: Old green eyes misses ya. 04/12/11 11:54 PM
NoDesi: My birthday is on 4/20 and this would make the best late birthday present ever! 04/12/11 11:55 PM
chanth: Aldrin garcia is a beast been killin it for a while especially in the fun video! 04/12/11 11:55 PM
etcsho: holla 04/12/11 11:55 PM
disney: Giggity. 04/12/11 11:55 PM
lilcri: I need this to get my hops up to par! 04/12/11 11:55 PM
chanth: 45 inchs got that major pop Ill get that high sooner or later! 04/12/11 11:56 PM
furkle: facebook sucks dicks. 04/12/11 11:56 PM
shaner: at 42 years old with 28 years of skating under my belt ollieing over sh*t, I need all the help I can get-- Aldronite-- take me awaaaaaayyy! 04/12/11 11:56 PM
laceds: Gives a new meaning to hopping over fences. Seriously, he could. 04/12/11 11:57 PM
peterj: nothing is funny 04/12/11 11:57 PM
dreads: Aldrin put out one of the best parts in one of the best videos. skateboarding is about fun and thats all it should be 04/12/11 11:57 PM
joequi: d-d-d-d-damn! 04/12/11 11:57 PM
inasin: sick setup. love skateboarding. so rad 04/12/11 11:58 PM
bryant: That ollie was so high he had to get his knees changed 04/12/11 11:58 PM
audra.: I am a girl. I want to learn to skate. That is all. 04/12/11 11:58 PM
Bcpjup: Aldrin Garcia pumps! 04/12/11 11:58 PM
omikel: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. 04/12/11 11:58 PM
mpopow: Oh I forgot to tell you, I just shat in your mums fish tank!! Just Joking, but seriously I just dont want to win this setup I need it!! 04/12/11 11:59 PM
cole99: Aldrin got ups 04/12/11 11:59 PM
llamak: 54mm for life 04/12/11 11:59 PM
pinnit: the only thing Ill ever raise to 45 inches is a girl when she on my dick! but never a skateboard lol 04/12/11 11:59 PM
joecru: My urethra! It BURNS!!!! 04/12/11 11:59 PM
ovrxpo: for a short man he has massive hops.... must be the trucks 04/12/11 11:59 PM
devlin: dat ass... and dat board.... 04/13/11 12:01 AM
Fexoso: All of this guys recent coverage from transworld to the bones video has been amazing. 04/13/11 12:01 AM
dennis: One pricey set up, guess I need to learn more than kickturns now 04/13/11 12:01 AM
nopak_: Gnarly! 04/13/11 12:01 AM
noah.m: Had to be the beanie. Couldnt have been anything else. 04/13/11 12:01 AM
adamro: pick me to win! 04/13/11 12:03 AM
windst: Ive never tried skateboarding but i would love to! Thanks! 04/13/11 12:03 AM
cpbroo: Give an old timer a break :) At 32, Ive been skating for more than 20 years. I love skateboarding. These knees have a few years left! 04/13/11 12:03 AM
deandr: Im gonna be popping boner-rific ollies :D 04/13/11 12:04 AM
dks972: An indian soccer coach moves to the united states, at his first game, he tells all the boys to make sure their "clits" are on tight 04/13/11 12:05 AM
timoth: these DTPs are sick 04/13/11 12:05 AM
audiop: There was no need for the wedgie picking, after she witnessed the ollie she sheet herself. 04/13/11 12:05 AM
Ianelb: If I win, my old setup is going to Boards for Bros! 04/13/11 12:06 AM
lbb899: Make you laugh? Womens rights. 04/13/11 12:07 AM
rapboy: i want this giveaway because .... i want it mostly the Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings and i never won any contest ever. 04/13/11 12:07 AM
susie3: $130 for trucks? :0 screw redbull and their wings, these trucks better give me a jetpack!!! 04/13/11 12:08 AM
custom: Check out my site @ , company name stands for R U Sik . We also have things for the ladies which are Sik called "Sik Chix". 04/13/11 12:08 AM
trevor: see you guys at the edge april 30th in naples!! i work at the park teachin skate lessons 04/13/11 12:09 AM
cj_lai: Pretty dope ass ride saw the pick in magazine i wuz wondering how the hell do u bend like tht and stay on the board? 04/13/11 12:10 AM
jayvar: Watch me be kingg! 04/13/11 12:11 AM
bassik: 45"? im barely taller than that 04/13/11 12:11 AM
Kevine: just one question, wheres the underwear that chick was wearing? ill take that with the set up;] 04/13/11 12:12 AM
bzarit: me luv you long time 04/13/11 12:13 AM
Joehea: You guys definitely had the best footage of this...even after the first 11 seconds. 04/13/11 12:13 AM
daniel: alderin deserves to have his own pro model not ride some one elses 04/13/11 12:15 AM
longbo: after like 30 years of skating i still cant ollie for sheet,maybe it is the board and not me!! 04/13/11 12:16 AM
bmzhen: Badass DPT! 04/13/11 12:16 AM
a.cabe: the only reason theyre called theeve's is because they rob you of your moneys! 04/13/11 12:16 AM
Little: Hes obviously secretly black 04/13/11 12:17 AM
c1rca1: i wanna ollie 46 inches with this setup 04/13/11 12:21 AM
thomas: The "maloof chick picking the wedgie" link doesnt work. No worries though, I remembered it anyways...... 04/13/11 12:23 AM
master: I want to heelflip that high. 04/13/11 12:25 AM
jrebel: Thats a sick ass graphic on that deck! 04/13/11 12:26 AM
imvenu: this would make a great bday present for my husband!! 04/13/11 12:28 AM
karmai: does it count as cheating becausee of the weight difference from Aldrins super light trucks compared to the other contestants? BOING!!! 04/13/11 12:29 AM
Grant9: Aldrin for the forkin win! Hes seriously the gnarliest shredder in my opinion, hes got more pop than michael jackson, the damn king of pop! 04/13/11 12:30 AM
Klinet: Phuck yea! 04/13/11 12:39 AM
fish23: 04/13/11 12:40 AM
j_ferr: Ollies and Ass! 04/13/11 12:40 AM
zerosk: the nba saw the footage of aldrins hops and want him to be in next years slam dunk contest 04/13/11 12:40 AM
Catli8: I love you 04/13/11 12:44 AM
Celery: OLLIE POWER 04/13/11 12:45 AM
jp22j@: must ollie over a school bus of kids with that kind of pop! 04/13/11 12:48 AM
cycleh: awesome setup, I need a new setup,powell rocks! 04/13/11 12:51 AM
btw117: Myt spetson just got straight As and we moved from tampa 2 years ago. He looks at your site everyday and it would save me a ton of $. 04/13/11 12:51 AM
backwi: Im 35. I'm once step away from black magic to get some pop back, maybe this will help. 04/13/11 12:59 AM
mwerth: A mildly Aromatic Blend of Burley Tabaccos Excellent for Stand Alone use or Blending. 04/13/11 01:04 AM
brian@: Does it include a titanium knee replacement from Theeve? Id need that and an anti-gravity suit to ollie that high. 04/13/11 01:06 AM
zackdg: fewk 04/13/11 01:10 AM
s.ward: Im in california with no ride. This would make thing so much better. 04/13/11 01:11 AM
mrbutc: I bet you if i got that set up i could ollie half that high! 04/13/11 01:18 AM
areyes: I plan to ollie over my house with this setup. Please make this dream possible. 04/13/11 01:29 AM
jrbelg: Ya know Im almost 30% sure that if I won this sweet ass set up I'd be able to ollie 46 inches! Well eventually, hopefully, maybe... 04/13/11 01:37 AM
jeffve: dem chit is gangsta, tryn to come up on some free skeez! 04/13/11 01:39 AM
all52w: and trucks, all the girls need me to get that Neff beanie to cover my ugly mug. I like turtles1 04/13/11 01:39 AM
brianu: upapongpong would like to use it in the next all ages contest! 04/13/11 01:40 AM
Gerald: who you tryin to get crazy with ese don't you know i'm loco? 04/13/11 01:49 AM
SlavaZ: lol, the irony at the fact that powell also makes the decks for skateboards that are being sold in stores like toysr'us, and sold for 15$. 04/13/11 02:18 AM
jeffnj: Its Monday again ... keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, turn off all electronic devices, wait 1 hour before swimming, and if 04/13/11 05:01 AM
u-shk-: need this to get that china firecracker pop 04/13/11 05:04 AM
benwag: this would make me feel better since i drove an hour to pick up some 9.5 cardiel chukkas, and they couldnt find the other half. i was bummed 04/13/11 05:09 AM
bpomps: a hot older women made you grab her cans? stop crying like a little girl...try getting jacked off under the table and havn real problems off 04/13/11 06:03 AM
skatin: i would eat this board dirrectly from Aldrins ass... No homo? Wait that's gay as sheet... keep the board and send me a Maloof broad! 04/13/11 06:27 AM
taylor: Hey, i want to win this DPT soo bad. I need to get back in skating to keep me from messing up and getting in trouble. Thanks 04/13/11 06:27 AM
paulgo: If you wanna laught you should check out russel peters on youtube. My friend tole me to check it out if i wanted a laugh. and it worked! 04/13/11 06:54 AM
jeremy: Aldrin is insane! 04/13/11 06:55 AM
mhmthe: i have the worlds ugliest ollies,with this setup - that will all change :D 04/13/11 07:14 AM
Idunno: When you got pop like him its easy to avoid the 5-0 at a spot you gotta jump fences to get to or avoid the border patrol too HMMM 04/13/11 07:23 AM
iskate: Continue doing these digital product tosses! 04/13/11 07:32 AM
dlarso: WHAAOooOOOooOo (Barbarian Scream) we get hyped up and let loss in our crew. 04/13/11 07:32 AM
peter_: SPoT all day! 04/13/11 07:33 AM
sivart: Thats a sick setup 04/13/11 07:44 AM
tlesch: that is one truly baller set up. needs one of those stupid carbon revolution decks just to be more expensive... and light 04/13/11 07:50 AM
zackck: wow i never even realized a board could get up around 300 bux... thats crazy, but i bet it rolls like butter! keep it in tampa! 04/13/11 07:53 AM
conrad: awesome! thanks to SPOT and PP for making this happen 04/13/11 07:58 AM
beverl: i need all this stuff trucks bearings board and wheels just dont got the money pick me for the product toss 04/13/11 07:59 AM
bitk6@: too cool guys. Nice to see you working it around facebook "policy" 04/13/11 07:59 AM
laceyb: toooooooooo awesome SPOT and Powell ROCK! 04/13/11 08:03 AM
sk8ter: Hey aldrin I like the things you do. Hey aldrin if I could I would be you! 04/13/11 08:05 AM
prosss: ooooooweeeeeeee! 04/13/11 08:06 AM
jamie_: i need this board so i can trade my grandma for her caddi 04/13/11 08:12 AM
hersha: Im old and need to start skating again, this setup would be perfect to get me back into it 04/13/11 08:24 AM
csarte: vegas was tight 04/13/11 08:29 AM
jpenic: Have you ever seen Sturgill actually pay for anything? 04/13/11 08:41 AM
matt.s: What is FBs problem with the tosses? 04/13/11 08:45 AM
Manuel: Why are black people so good at basketball?... Hard work and dedication 04/13/11 08:45 AM
jakub_: Skateboarding is my our life.... 04/13/11 08:49 AM
cheapm: tell frosty i want my pumas back... and anyone seen andy finzel? 04/13/11 08:50 AM
ijusts: yuh 04/13/11 08:50 AM
shanej: make you laugh, huh...try this 04/13/11 08:52 AM
alecsa: Damn im so excited about maybe winning this i just peed a lil. hook me up man SPoT is the only place i buy sheet, my shops run by a jock! 04/13/11 08:52 AM
m.felu: Im an old guy . . . this board would help me get it up! 04/13/11 08:59 AM
b.mene: I need a new board!! Broke it yesterday. Im as broke as my board!! Pleasee I follow you guys all the time! 04/13/11 09:08 AM
threek: daddy needs some new gear! 04/13/11 09:18 AM
Amorel: Now go get your f***kin shine box 04/13/11 09:18 AM
cpiab@: Been skating Powell products for over 25 years!! Im an old fork! 04/13/11 09:21 AM
sbowes: The skull on deck is wearing that beanie Reynolds style. Hook me up! 04/13/11 09:26 AM
fred.f: the only thing that was more buttery than his ollie was that buttery ass in the video before he popped. 04/13/11 09:30 AM
pinkdo: this would be awesome 2 win and would never be sk8ted at all just a colection picece worth the $$ later on lol jk 2 good of a setup 2 do tht 04/13/11 09:37 AM
spasti: That chick had a rad ass. Nice Ollie Too! 04/13/11 09:39 AM True story once before my son was born my wife made the greasiest tacos Ive ever eaten and as a result of those tacos I sheet my forkin pants 04/13/11 09:41 AM
dustin: that would look so sick on my wall 04/13/11 09:48 AM
barons: Damn. This board can only be wielded by the mightiest of schralpers. I aim to skate ye. 04/13/11 09:54 AM
sk8phi: What do you call Mike Tyson with no arms 04/13/11 09:55 AM
chrish: i was walking down the street the other day when a ... oh wait, that wasnt me. nevermind... 04/13/11 09:59 AM
omarim: now thats a classy setup! 04/13/11 10:00 AM
sean.b: Comin at you from the ATX! 04/13/11 10:03 AM
dracof: DPT: Damn Phresh Tampa 04/13/11 10:07 AM
apbpas: AWESOme... 04/13/11 10:21 AM
jlittl: Hope all is well Rob! 04/13/11 10:23 AM
haloce: sick skating from aldrin 04/13/11 10:27 AM
fragth: Is it me or all the high ollie record holders on Powell at one point : / 04/13/11 10:27 AM
ayinde: I suppose I need to put a comment that, if seen, shall grant myself winning privileges. Crazy deer are Buck wild.... 04/13/11 10:34 AM
rick@d: gonn win! gonna win! and make the next 46" ollie 04/13/11 10:49 AM
josh@d: that is most definately the bently of wood!! 04/13/11 10:50 AM
sports: i lost my penis 04/13/11 11:14 AM
freelo: Going in for ankle surgery 04/13/11 11:17 AM
godspe: YO! lol, hook me up! 04/13/11 11:21 AM
ryanho: ooooh!!!!!! gimmme gimme please please im homeless somewhat 04/13/11 11:22 AM
kevin_: a guy walks into a bar... he is an alcoholic and hes destroying his family 04/13/11 11:22 AM
shuffl: Aldrins ollie was a complete mind fork! 04/13/11 11:42 AM
rremsi: 04/13/11 11:44 AM
kenkwo: If I win I promise to try and recreate AGs ollie and rack my nuts on the crossbar. 04/13/11 11:44 AM
gar223: wheres the booster rocket? 04/13/11 11:52 AM
jmcrae: Must of had the gravity controls in her ass, i call shenanigans 04/13/11 12:03 PM
mitchh: damm those theeves are legit! 04/13/11 12:06 PM
jlcorn: Chad Bartie better not still have that mullet 04/13/11 12:08 PM
kamlto: spiderman that ho: 1-hit it from the back 2-come in ur palm 3-tap her on the shoulder 4-when she looks back, throw it in her eye, palm up! 04/13/11 12:12 PM
franka: wheres the beef? 04/13/11 12:12 PM
ntorre: My aging legs dont allow me to ollie high anymore. 04/13/11 12:14 PM
josepp: Im old I need all the expensive help I can get 04/13/11 12:16 PM
sambop: id like to douse that girls ass in some sweet baby rays barbecue sauce and show her how to get down....nothing good like a nice cooked ass 04/13/11 12:21 PM
thebro: butt wait that was an awesome jump :D 04/13/11 12:29 PM
Austen: that record is forking ridiculous, also you guys should hit up WV. i just moved away from tampa and the spots around here are just crazy 04/13/11 12:39 PM
apex19: speakers goin hammer...bammer bammer bammer..i need trucks 04/13/11 12:40 PM
hockey: my husband loves your place 04/13/11 01:07 PM
mmanni: allways have a blast skating there 04/13/11 01:08 PM
kyleca: he so ill i respect him with all my skating man thats just so ill i hope i win to shout of to spot all be there sunday hahah congrats aldrin 04/13/11 01:10 PM
flstra: ollies which are the "jumps" in the skateboarding world, are a fun maneuver to execute. if im named master of this board i will perfom many 04/13/11 01:12 PM
Dferna: yeahhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 04/13/11 01:20 PM
tmurph: Bust a nut in your eye, to show you where i come from! 04/13/11 01:24 PM
amwang: I like to high-five people hard across the face 04/13/11 01:32 PM
jakbla: Aldrin Garcia is officially the snappiest son of a bitch ever 04/13/11 01:39 PM
nymets: aldrin popped over that bar so he could pick that maloof girls wedgie 04/13/11 01:48 PM
mass.v: i can ollie higher than aldrin. just kidding, i can ollie over the world. 04/13/11 01:54 PM
Overth: id benefit from thise greatly 04/13/11 02:15 PM
aphan3: congrats rob 04/13/11 02:18 PM
mcgizz: give me free sheet you faggot fairy 04/13/11 02:21 PM
Jbraul: I wish I win :) 04/13/11 02:47 PM
nateyp: man a 300$ board mine barely goes over 180$ 04/13/11 02:51 PM
hjeman: Spizzot 04/13/11 02:51 PM
alex78: Finally one of these thats not on facebook yet still w/ the character restraints of twitter. Rad balls! 04/13/11 03:06 PM
almost: sheets ill 04/13/11 03:31 PM
nero_m: sweet 04/13/11 03:34 PM
paulco: Super snaps! Powell keeps coming back when we thought they were done for, great new team now! 04/13/11 03:36 PM
msende: Damn u guys should be giving away that girl that was diggin in her ass.. 04/13/11 03:50 PM
tjspar: Two dyslexic bank robbers tried to rob the local bank today. They ran in and said "Air in the hands mother stickers this is a fork up!" 04/13/11 04:03 PM
sabian: If you smacked a kid in the face with a bottle of Johnson’s No More Tears, would it create beautiful irony? 04/13/11 04:08 PM
chocom: grind or die 04/13/11 04:37 PM
Thepsy: Im supposed to make you laugh? What am i your personal joker. I think not. But i do like the products you supply. 04/13/11 05:05 PM
e25fts: At least she didnt try to pick it by doing strectches like married guys at the grocery store. 04/13/11 05:23 PM
mnelso: This set up is amazing! 04/13/11 05:41 PM
Jongso: RONALD McGODDAMN DONALD. 04/13/11 06:43 PM
marcos: Hell yeah! Powell Deck, Bones Swiss Ceramics and Theeve Trucks? Not to mention the sweet mossy beanie? Beast. 04/13/11 06:47 PM
jason.: Aldrin got them ups. I think his next sponsor might be brown. 04/13/11 07:08 PM
creatu: dude i wish i could win this i let my friend use my board and he accidentally snapped it and i am left with a broken board 04/13/11 07:19 PM
cc@q.c: DAMN. That beaner got mad pop in that Neff Beanie! (Is he Mexican?) Idk but holy jizzmuffins!!! 04/13/11 07:41 PM
bertan: i need a new board soooo bad mine got ran over on friday cus i triped on a crack lol 04/13/11 07:42 PM
alex@t: Testicles. That is all. 04/13/11 07:46 PM
noahhc: im a gold mouth dog definition of the south 04/13/11 08:05 PM
smorle: 04/13/11 08:42 PM
tillma: ! burr! 04/13/11 09:24 PM
sk8ter: Aldrin is so fly, Aldrin ollies high. Keep shreddin till the day you die. 04/13/11 09:27 PM
jrj071: i heard hes a pretty small guy to be doin ollies up to his shoulder!!! 04/13/11 09:36 PM
andybu: I think its time one of the parents wins one. See you at Spring Roll!! 04/13/11 09:51 PM
Ttrini: I am entering this for my son Sebastian henslee his 14th bday is may 4th he would love this we live in Tampa plz pick him 4 his bday!!! 04/13/11 09:53 PM
calico: Hot diggity that is high. Im black and i dont even think i can jump that high 04/13/11 09:59 PM
SK8_4_: much love SPoT 04/13/11 10:05 PM
ed.sla: Classic Products. Classic dudes. Bartie can skate superfast and bust the biggest airs and grinds. Respect. 04/13/11 10:07 PM
jagex3: little aldrin has mad pops! 04/13/11 10:36 PM
ram4ly: i hope i win :) 04/13/11 10:41 PM
bendor: Fukken sick! Ass and world record high ollies! 04/13/11 11:03 PM
Diegor: I wish I wish I had a fish. 04/13/11 11:14 PM
camden: asians CAN jump! 04/14/11 01:06 AM
hdiaz8: magnums is what i fit.......swag 04/14/11 04:54 AM
Florid: powell, and bones =DDDD 04/14/11 06:56 AM
xbig_b: how do you teach a blond girl math................ subtract her clothing divide her legs and then square root her 04/14/11 07:52 AM
ryanr2: i like turdles 04/14/11 08:16 AM
okherm: aww yea ima jump up so damn high aww yea sonnnnnnnnnn 04/14/11 09:55 AM
leonel: yo shon let me get that see, i look like a grandpa with my old gear lol 04/14/11 10:23 AM
moiska: Go Aldrin Garcia! 04/14/11 10:59 AM
EP1KG1: id be really cool if i won 04/14/11 11:23 AM
t.hub@: The only way I would break the record with this board is if you shoved a hot air balloon up my ass! 04/14/11 12:17 PM
frodri: Close to you guys! Here in miami, FL 04/14/11 12:19 PM
the_im: What would you call Cousin It, from Addams Family, if it was a gardener? Harry Potter. Hook it up! I made that up on way to school today. 04/14/11 01:26 PM
lpress: its forked up that the first time I watched that clip I didnt get past the girl. 04/14/11 01:56 PM
jdrake: ALDRIN GARCIA HAS MAD HOPS ! 04/14/11 02:06 PM
codani: That girl wasnt picking a wedgie, she was rubbin her cooch after Aldrin forked her the night before. 04/14/11 02:13 PM
Nothin: Hey Rob,Congats on getting Married! I thought of a joke;Whats the difference between a penis and a bonus?Ur wife will always blow ur bonus!! 04/14/11 02:32 PM
roboti: ahhh nigga i need this more than a fat kid needs that 3rd hamburger at mcdonalds. come on!!! 04/14/11 02:33 PM
kushks: Heard u just got married. Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering! hahaha i really need this sheet man! 04/14/11 02:38 PM
aronha: wienerz 04/14/11 02:42 PM
chrism: What did the elephant say to the naked guy?...................................How do you breathe out of that tiny little thing? lol 04/14/11 02:46 PM
flysup: ollie so high in the sky over 40 pies and we dont wear ties we rock neff beanies no weanies allowed at tampa but you could stillbringgrandpa 04/14/11 03:15 PM
tjbsk8: I wish i could be wearing that as i watch him jump over the bar! Yet i still sit in these crappy clothes! 04/14/11 03:59 PM
xskate: now that youre 40, you're half dead. do something nice with your remaining days and hook me up, 04/14/11 03:59 PM
Ghostb: Woah Alot for trucks 04/14/11 04:30 PM
dtr010: lightest sheet you can get 04/14/11 04:31 PM
justjv: i think fisting should be called upper cunting 04/14/11 04:38 PM
northe: Chad barties been on like every company by now right? 04/14/11 04:56 PM
crespo: let me have it i need a board to ollie higher 04/14/11 05:24 PM
OG_Gen: Boss man doing work! 04/14/11 05:36 PM
z-wide: wooooooooooooooottt!!!!!!!!! 04/14/11 07:00 PM
ralph2: Ill ollie the 20 that ali boulala tried in the video before he went to jail if i get this. 04/14/11 07:07 PM
connor: Youd think Maloof would be able to afford girls without ringworms.. 04/14/11 07:24 PM
Melvin: High tech complete. I hope I win :D 04/14/11 07:56 PM
Lilboy: Ima be able to fly if i win 04/14/11 08:24 PM
OldVer: Titanium! 04/14/11 08:29 PM
tallen: i love theeve. 04/14/11 08:30 PM
ghalda: how high was his ollie 04/14/11 09:00 PM
xerozk: pedobear joke: too young is just a name in china 04/14/11 09:21 PM
pipe-n: Aldrin Garcia always kills it!!! Thanks skatepark of tampa for tampa pro when I went I was right next to Chaz Ortiz and almost jizzed myself 04/14/11 10:56 PM
jorge6: damn it rob if i dont win this time, i will be very upset. 04/14/11 11:04 PM
dskate: 04/14/11 11:11 PM
slindg: I just got a pair of theeves but I now want to try the titanium ones. 04/14/11 11:30 PM
mauric: ok. this time it is mine!!! cmon Rob!!!!! 04/15/11 12:52 AM
chisox: hey SPoT, would be a sweet setup!! 04/15/11 01:13 AM
wyatth: It was definitely the beanie that gave him power, withought neff, he couldnt do it but with a neff beanie on...popped that wood to the sky 04/15/11 01:51 AM
Tymard: I will bust a 46incher wit dis piece! 04/15/11 01:58 AM
thetes: tosser 04/15/11 04:44 AM
b0arde: wut? 04/15/11 04:44 AM
Smckee: 04/15/11 09:14 AM
suckme: There are no stupid questions, just stupid people. 04/15/11 10:26 AM
derekr: I got it in my teeth now. 04/15/11 10:37 AM
breake: ah sheet!! 04/15/11 10:55 AM
LinkNe: I gotta win this... Hey I got these cheeseburgers man! 04/15/11 11:50 AM
sam.ha: im miley cyrus...swag 04/15/11 11:52 AM
FLIPAN: IM SO HYPED IF I WIN IT! 04/15/11 11:59 AM
andrew: Bootys, High Ollies, and Vegas...Sounds like a good time. 04/15/11 12:43 PM
quillb: throw in a pack of big red and then were talkin'! 04/15/11 12:45 PM
srober: still hittin them corners in them lo-los gurl. 04/15/11 12:49 PM
mikeon: take the time to taste the tasty cake 04/15/11 01:16 PM
mrbean: my board broke from doing a ollie of a 10 foot flight of stairs. 04/15/11 01:42 PM
bennyw: whats an ollie? 04/15/11 01:53 PM
Atticu: i sheet my pants when i saw that sheet damn beautiful 04/15/11 03:45 PM
Air_Jo: That looks like a very good set up, I hope I win 04/15/11 03:45 PM
gabedi: Keep doing what you guys are doing 04/15/11 04:14 PM
sk8sta: Aldrin snapped that ollie higher than a 4 year old kid eating a waffle staring at the sun. even the kid was amazed and hes blind 04/15/11 04:33 PM
barna.: Would love to win this. 04/15/11 05:47 PM
pingsk: Give me the products, and Ill instruct you on how to Douglas. 04/15/11 07:56 PM
imhect: with the same set up i can maybe break his record 04/15/11 08:00 PM
melonm: Wanna walk home? 04/15/11 08:18 PM
dl985@: Whats worse than dropping your bag of skittles? The Holocaust. 04/15/11 09:22 PM
rawrth: Do not give a fork Ive got the swagger of a virgin's dick but if I did it would be bigger than Daniel's upper lip. 04/15/11 09:27 PM
boarde: 04/15/11 09:27 PM
franci: Duuuuuude, this would be amazing to have! I hope I get this 04/15/11 10:31 PM
o9nams: who said asians cant jump? we know white men cant! 04/15/11 10:41 PM
aring@: Duty now for the future! 04/15/11 11:29 PM
sbprod: Blaze it!!!!! 04/16/11 12:33 AM
ShaneM: This set up must float.. 04/16/11 12:50 AM
toledo: this probably would be the most expensive thing ill ever ride 04/16/11 04:21 AM
vexdro: that ollie was rad cant wait till i can do that wait impossible :o 04/16/11 09:22 AM
zurbzb: thats not fair he has super powers but that ollie was killer 04/16/11 09:28 AM
Geoo_o: i should win because i dont really get boards or anything,i'm 14 my mom don't support my skating it would be nice to win i need a deck asap 04/16/11 10:11 AM
najeeb: 04/16/11 11:39 AM
nifako: cmon 45 inches is taller than me! 04/16/11 11:56 AM
matthe: I win! 04/16/11 01:06 PM
erik.r: if you pick me, i will jizz everywhere 04/16/11 01:20 PM
joonch: ill be sure to make you laugh after you send those products this way ;) 04/16/11 02:51 PM
mschul: if i win, beers on me 04/16/11 03:16 PM
emanwi: Theeve trucks are simply the best!, how can you go wrong with bones products. 04/16/11 03:51 PM
andrew: Please i rally need this setup i buy all my shoes and clothes from SPoT 04/16/11 04:49 PM
scottg: OMG even his beanie!?!? yesssss 04/16/11 06:20 PM
daisho: Hey man, want to hear a Joke about my dick? nvm its too long haha 04/16/11 07:22 PM
jellyn: I love toast <3 04/16/11 07:27 PM
conio_: I dont even know this guy actually since he made the World Record Ollie and that amazed like what the FREAK? Ha. 04/16/11 07:57 PM
jonbom: Damn, saw the picture of Aldrins ollie. I didn't know your board can literally be higher than your ass. Guy's a champ. 04/16/11 11:21 PM
e32190: Holy damn, $130 for the trucks?? 04/17/11 12:05 AM
ferg24: 04/17/11 12:33 PM
Blake.: Hope i win haaa 04/17/11 01:16 PM
chased: hook me up 04/17/11 02:39 PM
matias: aldrin is sicker than a fat pregnit bitch in a gimp suit 04/17/11 03:20 PM
Donova: dude this stuff is better than an all titanium tittay!!!!!!!!! 04/17/11 06:12 PM
a.rive: iii love skatepark of tampa and everybody there lol, i would love to have this setup, i dont have a board and this would be a blessing 04/17/11 06:14 PM
gbohne: If you dont pick me as a winner for this I'm going somewhere else to buy the 420 shoes :P jk, I'm going to steal them from you instead 04/17/11 08:00 PM
aylwar: Money or hoes only koston knows 04/17/11 08:38 PM
emokid: i tried to snake dennis busenitz at the skatepark once. the impact? broke 14 bones include both legs, some ribs, and my collarbone. dennis f 04/17/11 08:41 PM
jg3iii: guess when i try to set the new world record ill just have to bring my own jock so the berries are not hangin down around the bar! 04/17/11 08:45 PM
rob@sk: fork yeah 9pm 04/17/11 08:54 PM
jrhode: lemme ride that fresh ass gear 04/18/11 09:02 AM
steve.: i could do 50 04/18/11 09:03 AM
choice: Less Fashion More Thrashin 04/18/11 09:04 AM
rob@me: hook me upppp 04/18/11 09:04 AM
thiaga: DAMN 45 inches? it mustve been them theeve trucks for sure! 04/18/11 09:04 AM
Gregor: Get my fill on with this grandmother named Jill, taking shots of prune juice to the head for a cheap thrill 04/18/11 09:04 AM
mjrien: im in 30 club and weigh 230 lbs. my pop needs all the help it can get! 04/18/11 09:05 AM
whomar: face down ass up 04/18/11 09:05 AM
isell4: epic boneless please 04/18/11 09:06 AM
markfa: they call me forkwhateva 04/18/11 09:07 AM
sk8tma: duddeee wheres my car?? 04/18/11 09:07 AM
Jordan: how many dead babies does it take to paint a house? it depends how hard you throw them 04/18/11 09:07 AM
cakewa: Going to give it away to a boy that has nothing ;) 04/18/11 09:08 AM
robmer: snap me in half 04/18/11 09:09 AM
ledjon: How do I win contest 04/18/11 09:09 AM
alxrhn: 45 inches? My grandma can do that SWITCH! BYAW! 04/18/11 09:09 AM
dj.lea: 45 inches high, I remember when getting onto a curb was a mental challenge. I could probably get into some hairy situations witht that setup 04/18/11 09:11 AM
einste: haah this is my time to shine 04/18/11 09:14 AM
Kingal: If u think his ollie was high, wait till u see his eyebrows 04/18/11 09:14 AM
jonny.: You can keep the beanie. 04/18/11 09:15 AM
marica: Daaaaaaaang with Garcias set up any of those Spanish dudes can straight up Ollie the boarder no prob! 04/18/11 09:15 AM
guteki: dont understand what are you written here but i can give you recepit for pancakes ;) - BIG UP FROM POLAND ! 04/18/11 09:16 AM
skate4: I need this! 04/18/11 09:23 AM
johnf@: send some swag woot 04/18/11 09:26 AM
Bboysi: Im a 36 year old dude who still secretly wishes Pee Wee Herman would make a come back so I'll have something to watch Saturday Mornings 04/18/11 09:31 AM
harrys: $130 Theeve trucks? Do they come with the skill to ollie that high? 04/18/11 09:31 AM
mperez: So my girlfriend slapped me yesterday. She complained i never take her anywhere expensive. So i took her to the gas station. SLAP! 04/18/11 09:33 AM
lod108: hell yes 04/18/11 09:35 AM
plond9: rob meronek your my hero 04/18/11 09:35 AM
kj_jas: My girlfriend is rough. i call her sandpaper sally 04/18/11 09:36 AM
ghetto: Skate Party Or Trip SPOT yo brain out hahaha 04/18/11 09:38 AM
hellth: wait? he broke the world record? i was too busy looking at the maloof ass., anyways, did anyone catch her name? aldrin is soo sick!!! 04/18/11 09:38 AM
cadill: im to fat to ollie this high but with this set up i could dream a little! 04/18/11 09:40 AM
Msmith: He should have been arrested, for breaking the law.... Of gravity.... Cue drumroll 04/18/11 09:42 AM
fitzge: Holy sheet! that barrier was almost as tall as him! 04/18/11 09:42 AM
rhorsl: whats the difference between a deck and a piece of wood? not a damn thing 04/18/11 09:45 AM
generi: 04/18/11 09:46 AM
grueli: chuck norris committed suicide and lived to tell about it. hearts have chuck norris attacks. please pick me. also love what u guys been doin 04/18/11 09:49 AM
jeffwo: maybe he used that pop to jump the border? 04/18/11 09:49 AM
timbur: whitty ass board winning, high ollie record jumping, wedgy picking, jaw dropping, sheetting pants comment 04/18/11 09:54 AM
derekm: whats good my doods...srq and bts stilll all day...hook ur hommie up please....I also just had a baby and I'm a broke nigga 04/18/11 09:55 AM
Joe.on: Thanks for supporting the skate scene for so long. 04/18/11 09:58 AM
theama: sim sim sala bim! 04/18/11 10:03 AM
mcknny: Because my 4 yr. old, Tucker needs something to sleep on! LOL And He just so happens to LOVE Monsters and Beanies!!! :) 04/18/11 10:03 AM
cactus: Tried come up with witty comments to make you laugh, but came realize that Im not so funny after 10 minutes of trying. Give me some love!! 04/18/11 10:06 AM
snobor: 04/18/11 10:07 AM
matthe: Id love to finally win one of these! Especially a ridiculously good set-up like this. Thanks. 04/18/11 10:10 AM
weaken: its the black widow!!!!! 04/18/11 10:16 AM
drunke: a wise man once said aldrin garcia couldnt jump. the man is now in a hospital after witnessing him break the world record ollie 04/18/11 10:16 AM
sk8fol: top of the line right there. its like the ferrari set up of skateboarding 04/18/11 10:18 AM
cason.: I so need a new board. please help! 04/18/11 10:21 AM
astoff: does the beanie come prestocked with lice? 04/18/11 10:27 AM
mniebo: ballin! 04/18/11 10:29 AM
morgan: Thats so awesome! Thanks for the chance to win this awesomeness. :D 04/18/11 10:30 AM
travis: need that shiiiiiiiit! 04/18/11 10:37 AM
sean.r: aldrillac garcialade!!! 04/18/11 10:47 AM
monika: you had me at Annyong! 04/18/11 10:47 AM
ernie_: dude i would be so gratefull for that stuff i need a whole new complet but my dad says skatings pointless so he wont buy me a new one 04/18/11 10:48 AM
mattsi: meow 04/18/11 10:49 AM
Highli: SPOT best sheet ever I love this place tampa or die 04/18/11 10:55 AM
q.habe: ?????q??? ?o????? p??oq???? ?ui??n? 04/18/11 11:01 AM
chirii: I hope I win this amazing Digital Proct Toss. :) 04/18/11 11:05 AM
timmyk: So im going to Thailand soon and if you let me win this ill bring back 7 wives for you. 04/18/11 11:12 AM
kickst: I plan to focus this board, melt down the trucks and wear the beanie! 04/18/11 11:13 AM
tampa_: dirreah dumps duffes during dinner 04/18/11 11:14 AM
ttownd: Dude has the most pop next to reese forbes and danny wainright 04/18/11 11:16 AM
98tran: maybe if i win this i can get my ollies back 04/18/11 11:16 AM
reyrey: I want this sooooo bad!!! 04/18/11 11:20 AM
msoko@: video is cool!!! 04/18/11 11:32 AM
mattj9: RUMSPRINGER!! 04/18/11 11:35 AM
Jrod_1: Dude. Aldrin got freakin broke tryna swag down a set at a competition. Did you see it? DID YOU SEE IT??? 04/18/11 11:37 AM
Matthe: Lets do it, jump on it, my pony 04/18/11 11:37 AM
doodoo: your mother should have swallowed you. 04/18/11 11:41 AM
Dane_i: Aldrins dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/18/11 11:43 AM
nickmo: I am super stoned. I bet them bearings go fast....real fast.. and them trucks.. bet them sombitches were made using alien teknology 04/18/11 11:51 AM
the_as: is this nigga mexican? no wonder he made it over that sheet... no racial tho cuzz 04/18/11 11:57 AM
look@t: gimme. 04/18/11 11:59 AM
Staygo: That fool was legit as sheet!!! 04/18/11 12:08 PM
dafied: tryin to come up on some free sheet 04/18/11 12:15 PM
jsirag: 04/18/11 12:35 PM
Shoppi: These beer shots are wrecking my insides, If I jump down anything today Ill probably crap my pants. Poop or no poop, I gotta skate. 04/18/11 12:38 PM
dirtyg: I would much rather spend 3 months salary on this board than a wedding ring 04/18/11 12:38 PM
lugoff: \.=. Its a 04/18/11 12:43 PM
brown4: Born To Lose- Hope i Win 04/18/11 12:57 PM
mermai: 04/18/11 12:58 PM
Michae: Yea free stuff my favorite! 04/18/11 01:06 PM
stryke: I really just want this board so before I ollie the tension makes women so wet they have to adjust themselves 04/18/11 01:07 PM
enriqu: Even if i win this gear, ill barely be doing ollies half the height of Aldrins. 04/18/11 01:22 PM
jdunn1: My daughter about a bird in the yard, "I wanna catch that bird and fry it up in a pan." 04/18/11 01:29 PM
ANKJOS: Will be popping ollies like Aldrin 04/18/11 01:53 PM
suprem: We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police. 04/18/11 01:59 PM
marcm1: 04/18/11 02:31 PM
lundqu: Pick me to win this, i need a board badly so i can skate the spot for a few days before i move back north! 04/18/11 02:37 PM
theadi: hook it up, i never come up.. well, i did the other day, found a dollar at a spot while i was walking off a burly fall <3 04/18/11 02:39 PM
brian@: Aldrin slammed his face on the floor of Black Box a week befroe the high ollie, talk about bounce! 04/18/11 02:53 PM
jmyers: RAINCAVES 04/18/11 03:00 PM
paulca: you dont tell a fat person to eat, do you? 04/18/11 03:08 PM
nivade: phlipit 04/18/11 03:37 PM
auburn: yeah bro give it to me 04/18/11 03:56 PM
nathan: bones weed leaf hat looks dope 04/18/11 04:01 PM
davon_: Dayyyyyuuuum rite bently wood lol bro! 04/18/11 04:14 PM
trey74: with the set up ive got now it takes @least 2 ollies for me to get 45" 04/18/11 04:23 PM
N.nguy: Funny 04/18/11 04:33 PM
jerrod: ZaaaZIIINNGGG 04/18/11 04:56 PM
dtigla: tampa is the sheet man 04/18/11 05:00 PM
tresha: Flocka 04/18/11 05:33 PM
goodma: How is a gay guy and a oven similar? They both make your meat brown 04/18/11 05:54 PM
tynomi: damn this dude aint a menace tot southcentral and he drinks his juice stuffs gnar 04/18/11 05:56 PM
Wball@: If I win this, I will trade you a spicy photo of my girlfriend. 04/18/11 06:09 PM
dtigla: hope i win this 04/18/11 07:30 PM
lizard: those are some awesome this to give away i wish i could win them 04/18/11 09:21 PM
odbfor: matt howell 04/18/11 09:23 PM
rickyd: i needs me a skateboard to do them flippy trix on again 04/18/11 09:28 PM
mewile: snap, crackle, POP! 04/18/11 09:33 PM
magnus: Cant afford to buy this for my son. Nice to win it!, Side note, just bought a 50in TV for myself, priorities. WTF my dad did the same thing 04/18/11 10:18 PM
jonmar: Siickkkkk set up! 04/18/11 10:24 PM
brngro: My dad said were too poor for this kind a setup, so he took me to Kmart instead. Here buy this Tony Hawk board, just as good. sux. 04/18/11 10:33 PM
leeway: It would be awesome if we can get a poster of the wedgie girl. Or life size. 04/18/11 10:37 PM
toysin: I just started skating again, its been 20 yrs. My ollie is about 3in on my old Powell, maybe with this set up, Ill add a few more inches. 04/18/11 10:38 PM
fubars: im 48 years old the highest ive ever ollied is about 14 inches maybe this set up is all i need to do what sons do to warm up 04/18/11 11:01 PM
ChiefL: No freakin way dude.. A digi product toss?! That's so ill. I hope I win, I'm poor 04/18/11 11:52 PM
garret: that beans got some snaps 04/19/11 01:18 AM
andrew: dude sick seteup 04/19/11 05:24 AM
john.c: turgle 04/19/11 07:41 AM
xrt777: get some 04/19/11 08:36 AM
sry_i_: id put a lift kit and mud tires on it 04/19/11 10:26 AM
kiwish: awesome I just did my 1st sk8 comp this week!!!!! 04/19/11 11:01 AM
bradle: You gonna be pulling broadies and chirpin gears in no time in this baby! SNAPS BOY YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAW PARTNER 04/19/11 11:49 AM
enjoid: swag 04/19/11 11:55 AM
DCharl: Yeah . . . . Number 19 can get Her Pooch Pummeled . . . After I see what Hundred dolla trucks feel like . . . 04/19/11 01:20 PM
twalke: bumblebeetuna 04/19/11 01:38 PM
micqb1: Todays Powell am's tomorrow someone else pros 04/19/11 01:53 PM
jleten: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/19/11 02:27 PM
ssssss: i was trying to thinking of something to type here and ended up spacing out for 15 minutes... yup. 04/19/11 02:27 PM
ryanpe: snaps on deck 04/19/11 02:28 PM
smit.m: my mom says if i win this she might let me sleep in the house tonight 04/19/11 02:31 PM
vicodi: i made a databases joke on the last dp i entered, didnt win. gg 04/19/11 02:40 PM
tony.n: We can all use some more "pop"! 04/19/11 02:50 PM
dennis: Why not, right? 04/19/11 03:04 PM
naruto: damn. 04/19/11 03:28 PM
skater: would be sick to skate this 04/19/11 03:56 PM
jvkudu: The most insane ollie ever. 04/19/11 03:56 PM
carson: If I win ill put those theeves to the test, hop down some sheet 04/19/11 04:36 PM
almost: snaps!! 04/19/11 05:04 PM
mneila: I remember i saw Aldrin Garcia do a 5-0 tre flip out on this stair ledge in the Powell video a few years ago, so sick. 04/19/11 05:07 PM
Matted: So is this the red bull skate setup? will it make 42 year old fat guys like me fly through the air like we r 117lbs 04/19/11 05:08 PM
franke: Sweet merciful Jesus, tears of joy would flow from my face if by some act of God I received this. 04/19/11 05:47 PM
chuma9: ok dick head liscen up nimby face, how much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop wood! and thats helerious! please i need i 04/19/11 07:14 PM
connor: im impressed he popped that high with those big ass wheels 04/19/11 08:10 PM
tester: meow 04/19/11 08:40 PM
Mosamy: never send a man to do a cats job -Garfield 04/19/11 10:00 PM
mobgri: my baord broke my trucks got soaked and i lost my wheels i need that badly 04/19/11 10:04 PM
cs2521: That Ollie was fn redonculous. This product toss is the best one I have ever seen. I gotta try this stuff out while picking out my wedgie 04/19/11 10:24 PM
sweaty: Im high as a giraffes pussy. 04/19/11 10:50 PM
jaan.s: HAPPY HOLLIDAY!!! 04/20/11 03:13 AM
mc6553: winning this is the only way I can afford to own Bones Swiss and Theeve titaniums! 04/20/11 07:41 AM


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