Digital Product Toss Results: Blind Cerezini Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Blind Cerezini Deck

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "chanthe234" came out on top. Check your email, Chan. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

chanth: Blind all day every day 05/23/11 11:55 PM
rbradl: id love to snake this board if you know what im sayin eh eh 05/23/11 07:06 PM
sk8eri: my old friend fernando soares from brazil used to live right next to danny cerizini and rodrigo tx 05/25/11 07:58 AM
dgdani: My ganjas greener than the one on the board. YARDYNOOO 05/23/11 03:35 PM
missin: purple monkey dishwasher 05/23/11 03:37 PM
blue6s: buhduhluh papa yall. 05/25/11 03:28 AM
plutos: Im blind 05/23/11 09:32 PM
almost: blinds the ship 05/23/11 03:34 PM
bmzhen: maybe the deck will make me fail less! lol 05/23/11 03:58 PM
andrew: lOLOOLL FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 05/23/11 03:31 PM
bmrsnr: This board is the ship, also love the discount, spot rules. 05/25/11 12:19 PM
rmille: we smoke bud anywhere, ya bit** we dont care 05/23/11 04:50 PM
calico: damn i think im the first person to do this dpt. 05/23/11 03:36 PM
mhmthe: if i dont get this im going to be "BLIND" 05/25/11 02:43 PM
mewile: must be a stone snake... 05/23/11 06:59 PM
Marson: Take Drugs 05/23/11 03:34 PM
jorge6: just pick me already. come on, be a pal. 05/24/11 09:56 AM
iskate: Clip your toenails 05/24/11 11:40 AM
ChiefL: Snake in the grass! Ahhh, yeahhh smoke dat ish 05/25/11 01:20 AM
hjeman: Blind, but can I still see? 05/26/11 10:39 AM
bapetr: 05/23/11 09:41 PM
ghetto: FTS MF!!! 05/24/11 03:49 AM
paulco: its always awesome to encourage ganja usage for the kiddies...that's why I am the adult that deserves the plank yo 05/23/11 06:32 PM
overth: would love to try out a blind 05/24/11 07:01 PM
Tresha: ROMAR! 05/23/11 09:01 PM
Kendal: This is so awesome spot rocks for doing this!! I love yall and support ya!!!:) 05/23/11 06:45 PM
reigns: Graphic looks super tight ! Blinds new video was sooooo good, i watch that ship every day. 05/25/11 02:07 PM
legits: Nothin but steeze 05/24/11 04:47 PM
franci: Whoa, thats a nice deck. I hope I win it. 05/23/11 03:35 PM
zerosk: drugs are bad, mkay? 05/24/11 04:25 AM
skater: To Helen Keller: Guess whos Blind now! 05/23/11 04:52 PM
ijusts: too legit. 05/23/11 10:44 PM
leeway: Danny is my bro. Throw it here!! 05/23/11 09:19 PM
jeffwo: brazilians taking over skating 05/23/11 10:10 PM
Erleic: Uuuuuuuugh today sucks.... I miss the bowl i miss spot...rawr 05/25/11 09:50 AM
wolves: SWEET! 05/24/11 12:05 PM
sam.ha: ;sdakskd;lk;sdla 05/23/11 05:19 PM
makaya: this has to be better than some snakes on the olane type ship.... 05/25/11 09:50 AM
jdryse: Gives a whole different meaning to the term Snake Eyes! Love to post this board on our wall for display 05/23/11 03:55 PM
gibbs.: tight dawg 05/23/11 07:07 PM
gbwhis: What happened to the chinese man who walked into a wall with a boner? 05/23/11 10:19 PM
black_: Im high bro... 05/23/11 06:11 PM
haloce: so sick ! 05/23/11 05:40 PM
matt.s: Puff was the name of the boys magical dragon. 05/24/11 09:07 AM
blane5: i could sure use a new push board! 05/23/11 08:21 PM
twalke: blind smokeys 05/24/11 01:56 AM
andybu: That is the happiest dam snake I have seen. I want some of his venum. 05/24/11 09:06 AM
marcos: Snake up in the high life. Sweeeeet. 05/23/11 04:24 PM
awmein: monkeys n weed. 05/25/11 09:05 AM
pipe-n: itd be so awesome to get this deck. id hook it up to my friend as a birthday present or do something very reasonable like skate it SPOTFOLIF 05/24/11 09:34 PM
nealre: well if i dont win i am going to call chuck norris, and you know what will happen from there!! p.s i am serious 05/24/11 04:30 AM
Mike.s: D.C.!!! 05/23/11 04:04 PM
yjayme: Blarney Stoned 05/25/11 06:05 PM
jimwes: Im a winner. 05/24/11 02:26 PM
Auburn: SPoT ROCKS FOR DOING THIS!!!! 05/23/11 06:46 PM
mc6553: resin-8-grass, ha ha 05/24/11 11:03 AM
ryanho: damn resin 8? thats what a real stoner needs 05/25/11 07:39 AM
sbowes: Dont tread on me 05/23/11 04:04 PM
kate.c: you are high as a forking kite. 05/23/11 03:44 PM
Skateb: I you think anything is possible try slamming a revolving door haha 05/23/11 03:52 PM
Sesars: I dont mind my board graphics much but this is an illy print props to blind and my dawg piro 05/25/11 11:07 AM
Seanbi: I went to Tampa pro and the premiere that they had during the contest weened at the bricks. Hook a brother up!!!! 05/23/11 04:17 PM
ishbu1: This deck will be mine, InshaAllah 05/23/11 07:59 PM
willow: That will go with my xbla gamertag of bakeryfreshgame so may I haves it please! 05/23/11 03:54 PM
andrew: that boards hella tight!!!!!! pass it rob! 05/25/11 08:00 AM
jwall1: Looks like me every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/24/11 04:53 PM
wtfxra: mario games trip me out and all, but is that really a forking golden koopa turtle with a fatty? ifihad this deck id goomba stomp alloverit. 05/23/11 03:40 PM
chased: goin to the blind premere tonight!!!!!!!! 05/23/11 04:41 PM
anguye: danny cerezini up in smoke deck. cant wait for kevin romar's part in "this is not a test" 05/25/11 10:38 AM
btwmag: girls all on my body 05/24/11 11:58 AM
o9nams: no wonder my trouser snake is so limp, its high as hell! 05/23/11 06:06 PM
gmoney: reminds me of how sticky and skunky my snake gets after a nite out in tampa 05/24/11 01:35 PM
xrt777: get you some 05/24/11 08:32 AM
ztwill: thanks 05/23/11 03:38 PM
picket: fork bitches get money 05/24/11 12:43 PM
alex78: Whoa far out. Hes smoking weed man. 05/23/11 04:00 PM
maxusf: bake n skate 05/24/11 10:15 AM
bright: blinding 05/26/11 12:28 AM
mydads: thats tight 05/25/11 08:37 AM
Captai: I like turtles. 05/25/11 10:28 AM
cro503: wiyo 05/23/11 03:31 PM
mcgizz: smoke that bud mofo 05/24/11 06:11 PM
thisiz: I cant wait for the premiere tonight! 05/23/11 03:43 PM
pineap: That snake is on some OG ship. 05/23/11 08:19 PM
jpenic: gimme dat 05/23/11 04:44 PM
tomsle: 05/25/11 12:09 PM
Mycoal: Smoke Chiba chiba smoke Chiba Chiba so high that I can kiss the sky 05/25/11 09:45 AM
Arejay: I have had it with these motha forkin snakes in my mothaforkin weed! 05/23/11 03:48 PM
joehea: A snake in the grass is probably better than Snakes on a Plane. Bom dia BRASIL! 05/24/11 10:18 AM
enjoid: vagina juice and jews 05/23/11 09:02 PM
msendd: DAMN i missed the premier had to F@ 05/23/11 08:33 PM
e32190: Weed plants? Haha 05/23/11 03:35 PM
gallow: the opposite of vision - Gonz 05/24/11 08:55 AM
fakieo: bro that deck is sweet hope i win!!!! 05/23/11 03:32 PM
all52w: So sick!! 05/23/11 08:44 PM
Boiler: Im a card holding patient in Michigan and smoke enough that you probably high just reading this! are get. 05/25/11 09:21 AM
Marson: I love Mary Jane just one last time 05/25/11 09:47 AM
thegur: Blind for Life! 05/24/11 11:57 AM
forres: i need an itunes card so i can see the new vid, i wanna see it sooooooo badly, and thats a freakin sick deck :) 05/23/11 11:24 PM
sk8er-: This deck is so sick I`d love to try out the Blind resin 8 stuff its really cool. I also love Danny Cerezini. 05/23/11 05:20 PM
Marson: No Chiba for my libra 05/25/11 09:48 AM
Matted: A new blind would be sweet as my current one is 20 years old 05/24/11 05:01 PM
proswa: i didnt go to high school i went to school high 05/23/11 04:16 PM
artich: i wonder if the 39mm wheels i used on my last blind deck will work on this? 05/24/11 08:55 AM
aronha: pain from a rap cat, man you didnt know that, 3 a.m. man we bumpin' bobby womack, my homie keeps all his bullets hollow 05/23/11 03:37 PM
einste: this deck will change my life. 05/25/11 07:54 PM
odbfor: sweet! 05/23/11 09:21 PM


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