Digital Product Toss Results: Birdhouse Team Deck #3 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Birdhouse Team Deck #3

Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "gruelicktito" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Gruelick. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

grueli: its a recession and ive never had a birdhouse so please hook it up:D 10/09/11 01:43 PM
Hella_: Spots got everything youll ever need and then some!!! Thanks guys and gals of SPOT 10/09/11 03:55 PM
boardr: skateparkoftampa rules!!!!! 10/09/11 07:24 PM
cheifb: thats one silky smooth birdhouse, does it come with a bird feeder. help me become silky smooth ha 10/09/11 01:07 PM
tinsle: jets fool 10/10/11 08:28 AM
oldbit: live by the board, die by the board 10/07/11 03:13 PM
wball@: I just moved. I am completely broke. My deck is snapped. I brought a girl to my apt last night and she left because there is no furniture. 10/09/11 12:52 PM
robmer: Digital toss offffff 10/07/11 11:05 AM
shanej: fosho, fosho, Im gettin that fosho 10/07/11 11:13 AM
tharea: Hook it up fa ya boy 10/09/11 06:06 PM
Shoppi: I like chicken, I like liver, Meow mix meow mix please deliver. 10/07/11 11:48 AM
seanbi: It would really be awesome to get a fresh deck before these 3 contests i have coming up. SPOT kills. Will definately make the 8hr trek again 10/07/11 12:29 PM
salvat: Look at the birds, up in the trees. 10/07/11 11:17 PM
seffne: Ram Jam!!!!!!!!! 10/07/11 11:39 AM
oldcit: A white horse fell in a mud puddle.. 10/09/11 11:33 PM
artich: i left a comment 2 months ago for this board, so can i just use that one again? 10/08/11 08:51 AM
Stevej: Some people just need a High Five. In the face. With a chair. 10/07/11 01:22 PM
hb3208: Sooooo, I just turned 38. Stilll skate. Feel like im 28. Still skate. Act like I'm 18. Still skate. Biggest difference? what was I saying? 10/09/11 11:33 PM
the_as: rub jaws balls on it before sending it plz 10/07/11 03:26 PM
jondar: If you say Toss me a deck' with an NZ accent it sounds like 'Toss me a dick' Hmmmm. I'd prefer the DECK please. 10/07/11 01:31 PM
rtbeca: Bears Beats Battlestar Galactica 10/10/11 07:25 AM
scoreo: Dope! 10/08/11 01:17 AM
manuel: i like turtles 10/07/11 02:20 PM
ernest: Your not my real mom you cant tell me what to do. 10/07/11 09:36 PM
gerald: love that shape 10/09/11 10:18 PM
frodri: I am the bird of the sky! King of the road slogan, LoL 10/09/11 11:18 PM
mass.v: i love my munchkin 10/07/11 12:21 PM
rossbo: I.ATE.MY.BOARD. I.GOT.HUNGRY. I.NEED.A.NEW.1 10/07/11 11:26 AM
Oldver: Jaws rules 10/07/11 12:36 PM
xwilly: furry todler 10/08/11 10:32 PM
Theshe: I went to a record store, they said they specialized in hard-to-find records. Nothing was alphabetized! 10/09/11 11:15 AM
tensor: always with the thumbs in the pics 10/07/11 11:49 AM
c1rca1: i wanna try the 900 on that board 10/07/11 12:10 PM
underw: Have a great day :) 10/07/11 12:05 PM
russel: shmowzow! 10/07/11 03:52 PM
Jacobm: matlin kills it 10/08/11 09:45 PM
Hiasfu: A wednesday with no rain, is a dry hump day... 10/07/11 11:28 AM
felixp: spot runs sheet!! 10/09/11 08:57 PM
haloce: my first board was a birdhat 10/08/11 01:10 PM
Fourwi: Does the mannequin torso come with it? 10/09/11 01:10 PM
Jamesp: Hahhdhhhdhhhxhhgshahjs too drunk to say anything else 10/08/11 01:42 AM
goodma: 10/07/11 09:43 PM
krisg1: Jeremy Klein ( the end ) candy, fire, littering and gnar ollies. 10/09/11 11:57 PM
enjoid: mangina 10/09/11 01:57 PM
jmcrae: Miss the old birdhouse decks... 10/08/11 08:10 AM
fmhigh: *FM 10/09/11 12:04 AM
tony.n: SPOT or DIE! 10/07/11 12:25 PM
avienz: i need that deck so bad! 10/08/11 12:29 AM
Alex@t: What do you call a skater with no shins or ankles? ... Toe-knee hawk 10/07/11 11:18 AM
nico77: Jaws can ollie off buildings with decks like this one 10/08/11 03:09 PM
neffy8: Im a 2 ton terror on top of a Tokyo tower with 2 titanium tentacles. 10/09/11 02:23 PM
matt.s: Love the man-ass in the backgound. 10/07/11 01:41 PM
Nick.m: You guys messed up my shoe order on my birthday yesterday. HAHAHA.... 10/07/11 12:28 PM
franke: Bitches I like em brainless, guns I like 'em stainless steel. 10/10/11 10:44 AM
dtrums: one pirate says to another: "why do keep your parrot in your pants?" he says: "arrrg, hes drivin me nuts!" 10/07/11 01:16 PM
timoth: turdhouse 10/09/11 01:10 PM
jdunn1: ATM Click had a Nerdhouse deck...Who won that battle? 10/09/11 08:44 AM
gofyos: fork birdhouse 10/07/11 12:42 PM
crisme: ready for fall skating! 10/09/11 01:09 PM
brian_: Rob Menorek........You Absolutely suck! 10/10/11 11:30 AM
justin: You can digitally toss it my way! I will gladly ride a board from Birdhouse! 10/07/11 11:13 AM
misbuz: Birdhouse ? How bout some Blood Wizard 10/07/11 11:25 AM
celery: birdheezy 10/07/11 11:43 AM
RDogsc: skate hard and never quit cause itll lead you into something great. 10/09/11 01:09 PM
the_im: Yo, flip me the birdie. 10/08/11 05:43 PM
johno3: please i need a new deck, money is really tight , everytime i save up i have to spend it on the kids or the car allways something happens 10/07/11 10:09 PM
btha1s: Yo, let me get that deck 10/09/11 09:55 PM
jtfort: Comment 10/09/11 01:21 PM
isaacs: Skatepark of Tampa my home away from home..... 10/09/11 07:26 PM
johnf@: Digi toss is back. you guys rock. 10/07/11 11:12 AM
Rallyc: Give me free decks! 10/09/11 09:40 PM
Jhowel: Gimmie dat board! WEBAD. 10/07/11 11:09 AM
daniel: i love Birdhouse 10/09/11 05:20 PM
supboy: dude i need a new deck really bad 10/07/11 05:18 PM
enjoi6: i woke up this mornin feelin like some skate 3, i turn to my phone and what do i see...a digital product, no way, really? i had a song,140ch 10/09/11 01:29 PM
gilber: nice ass 10/09/11 02:57 AM
blitzk: BIONIC ARM! 10/07/11 11:22 AM
woodru: Need good wood. 10/07/11 01:00 PM
citibo: If I win put the deck in the board for bros program. Thanks!! 10/08/11 08:43 AM
amg185: not gonna win but fork it its worth a try 10/09/11 08:07 PM
Wright: Sweet board. Its Tighter than Dick Skin! 10/08/11 06:59 PM
driftl: This will make me suck less if I get it. Haha. =) 10/09/11 01:58 PM
rmille: the reason im black and still breathing! 10/09/11 01:55 PM
thunde: Whats with that split statue in the back? 10/07/11 11:25 AM
msende: HELLS YEA DPT IS BACK 10/08/11 05:58 PM
jordan: OVER HERE! OVER HERE! I NEED A BOARD!!! Isnt that what we're supposed to say?! 10/07/11 11:19 AM
joelmv: dude! what else were you doing in that room with that mannequin?? Please send the board without touching it! 10/08/11 12:17 AM
rymanc: my last birdhouse came from SPOT, thanks! 10/09/11 06:46 PM
connor: this birdhouse is givin m a boner!! 10/07/11 09:08 PM
kr3wdr: tonys cock look like hawk 10/09/11 01:13 PM
wabass: please 10/07/11 11:11 AM
casmus: my grandmas always wanted a birdhouse! 10/09/11 01:21 PM
brandy: slut$ 10/09/11 01:14 PM
dperk8: Does this include the severed torso in the background? 10/07/11 11:24 AM
marcin: Laugh Bro, I need a DECK!!!! 10/07/11 11:12 AM
mjbibo: lemme get dat! 10/07/11 11:38 AM
Jshiu9: HELL YAH DIGITAL PRODUCT TOSS!!!!! 10/10/11 12:55 AM
jesus1: hook a Texas homie up..DID you know "pregnancy is in the water"? so dont drink water lol 10/07/11 11:25 AM
spider: monday is my 30thb-day bday! plus Im a Tampa local, save on some shipping! 10/09/11 03:21 PM
ebania: Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? 10/09/11 09:54 PM
Caseyw: Over here! Over Here! 10/10/11 12:33 PM
Str8ch: Sweet deck i have one on my wall autographed by tony hawk 10/09/11 10:19 PM
Bernar: Sick, my favorite color is green! 10/07/11 09:09 PM
barl02: no tweets? its a BIRDhouse. 10/07/11 11:23 AM
matted: I dont know whats up w the dude in the background... but i think hes giving me the finger... but it doesn't look like his finger... 10/07/11 09:59 PM
zerosk: i was on the news with tony hawk when they came through the midwest last fall aka im lyke t0tally awezome duhz 10/08/11 04:57 AM
jewboy: It might make you laugh to know that I deliver pizzas at 5$ an hour and its raining and I have no sunroof on my car. Would love a new deck 10/09/11 01:43 PM
matthe: Where do those stair go? They go up. 10/07/11 11:19 PM
zacho.: SHORT! 10/10/11 01:56 AM
gjnate: Flugtag tampa, see you guys there 10/07/11 11:17 AM
victor: Bird is the word 10/07/11 03:05 PM
blue6s: ballnutass 10/07/11 12:45 PM
ftkmed: i hope i dont get digitally hit in the face with this deck and some ginger who doesnt even know how to put a deck together wins this 10/09/11 01:55 PM
christ: gimme gimmeeeee 10/07/11 01:20 PM
mc6553: Any chance this deck is closer to 9" than 7" ? 10/07/11 10:24 PM
nmusta: Whats sad about 4 black people in a Cadillac going over a cliff? They were my friends. 10/09/11 01:42 PM
cwalbu: sweet 10/08/11 10:41 PM
brando: maybe ill be able to chomp down on bigass stairs like jaws if i win this board... 10/09/11 01:20 PM
shaqui: please gimme this deck i need it bad i dont have enough for a new one and i live no where near a skate shop 10/07/11 12:38 PM
breath: Man I want this! reslly bad actually. 10/07/11 05:44 PM
seghf@: my board is thrashed and if i win i live close enough to walk up to SPoT and get the board. 10/09/11 01:38 PM
ccarve: My son would love a birdhouse board. 10/09/11 01:07 PM
bollin: Hello? 10/07/11 01:41 PM
kyleva: Not sure what kinda comment youre lookin for but I heard a good pickup line today, so how bout this; "Damn girl, you sheet with that ass?!" 10/08/11 04:33 PM
iam4g1: birdman goas big, then goes home 10/09/11 09:37 PM
loyal4: Bob Marley gettin gnarly you fat moose pig thing. All i want is the board please give me the board and please always scoot for life JK SK8 z 10/07/11 11:44 PM
leeway: Dont rock the bird house 10/07/11 11:14 PM
afithe: The philosopher Kant thought people recorded too much history in the late 1700s, what would he think now? 10/07/11 09:19 PM
rheath: nice deck! 10/07/11 11:13 AM
shaunc: Tony Who? 10/09/11 01:11 PM
ChiefL: Yo I need this Birdhouse board, so I can do the Worlds Biggest Ollie like JAWS Homoki!! >>> 10/10/11 01:25 AM
fragth: I kind of miss the old giant B logo. Hope they bring that back. 10/07/11 02:23 PM
djayhe: 666 10/07/11 12:03 PM
tymard: birdhouse has a tight owner 10/10/11 01:58 AM
joehea: Need a new deck before snow hits the ground here in Detroit. 10/07/11 12:56 PM
jrj071: birdhouse rules 10/09/11 05:41 PM
crawfo: Mclovin 10/07/11 10:06 PM
daveth: Old Man in need of new deck! 10/07/11 11:27 AM
manans: If its free, I'll take three. 10/10/11 08:48 AM
sean.b: Last time I won the trip to woodward... but this board would be rad to win also! 10/09/11 08:43 PM
suprem: I Hope I Win Been Needing A New Deck =) 10/09/11 01:22 PM
hemryr: SPoT is killin it as always 10/07/11 11:09 AM
ishbu1: Help an azn brother out 10/08/11 12:56 AM
bollin: Two turntables and a microphone 10/07/11 01:07 PM
stegne: wassup birdhouse 10/09/11 01:22 PM
gcglaw: A wife is dreaming in bed, she wakes up and shouts "Quick! My husband is home!" her husband wakes up and jumps out the window! 10/09/11 03:59 PM
Jdmem1: my ex wifes friend is drunk. She says tell me a pick up line I cant refuse. So I say I have some bad news. My dick died. Can I bury it in u? 10/09/11 05:52 PM
sk8er-: If theyre good enough for Jaws. They're good enough for me! 10/09/11 10:18 PM
mcmaho: Tony Hawk has more Twitter followers (2650300 on 10/7/11) than Stephen Colbert, LeBron James, Lenny Kravitz and OMGFacts. 10/07/11 03:45 PM Jaws and clive kill it. 10/07/11 11:53 AM
sambop: help me save money for beer 10/08/11 02:02 PM
alex78: Thats lookin' Seattle fresh! 10/07/11 12:58 PM
djreem: Frontside grind forever! 10/08/11 11:03 AM
bmored: need some new wood from the orignal birdman! 10/07/11 09:49 PM
werthi: Birdhouse really pumps my nads. 10/07/11 11:28 AM
brand0: Tonny Hawk !!! 10/08/11 02:59 AM
jessej: simple. classy. elegant. 10/08/11 02:35 PM
jeremy: Will you go to prom with me? 10/07/11 11:58 AM
Kendal: I love spot!!!!! 10/09/11 01:21 PM
Chubow: I wanna win!! *nacho Libre Voice* 10/09/11 01:14 PM
cs2521: Product toss is back!!!! Black rage, Black rage!! 10/07/11 10:20 PM
Auburn: Rock on spot!!! 10/09/11 01:21 PM
Deadja: make you Ross? lol 10/08/11 08:45 AM
Stephe: SPoT for life 10/07/11 11:44 PM
quarto: da birdmon cometh. 10/10/11 09:18 AM
Kkimbe: Comment :) 10/08/11 01:23 PM
legits: Gnarly bro! 10/07/11 05:49 PM
btw117: Nice to see your doing this again. 10/07/11 01:06 PM
jpenic: uh huh 10/10/11 08:52 AM
zachar: I have never skated a birdhouse before, and i would like to skate a free one too. 10/09/11 01:10 PM
dbthum: Respect Animal Chin! 10/07/11 12:15 PM
moonen: This summer I hungout at Skatepark Amsterdam alot and they like to talk some sheet about skatepark of tampa, I told em stop smokin spot rules 10/07/11 12:21 PM
godspe: black people and eggs, thats just the way it goes. 10/10/11 09:46 AM
chisox: B-house is good wood 10/10/11 02:48 AM
Stever: I dont like people playin on my phone, I keeps it real. 10/08/11 10:59 PM
jake12: poop 10/09/11 01:12 PM
sbowes: We call that one a Hawk and Roll' 10/09/11 09:44 PM
joshua: Jaws has the biggest teeth in skateboarding! 10/07/11 02:04 PM
mitsub: did i win? 10/08/11 09:50 AM
jorge6: come on rob seriously 10/07/11 08:56 PM
stcamp: when was the last all ages contest that you brian and ryan were all in attendance?? 10/09/11 06:18 PM
calebb: Um can I have that? XD 10/08/11 11:39 AM
cmazzo: Yesterday i walked by this banging chick and as i went to talk to her she slipped out this raunchy smelly fart then walks off like i did. 10/07/11 11:37 AM
Ronald: Pretty sick board, and the design is tight! 10/09/11 01:09 PM
kimber: the board would be great, but please help that mannequin in the back ground with his bird...looks like viagra went way wrong ;) 10/08/11 10:23 AM
Scarfa: Im gonna young 10/07/11 10:13 PM
slates: ass da hawk b-came digital in da form of a videogame, he decided 2 do everything "digital" inda future, even product tosses like this 1!? 10/09/11 10:10 PM
Marcoh: russle* russle* hey let go its mine ! :D 10/07/11 12:12 PM
anguye: yeeeeeeee chillers! 10/07/11 11:22 AM
randyp: Hey! 10/08/11 01:09 AM
xrt777: Birdhouse in the house!!! 10/07/11 11:20 AM
bright: birdman 10/08/11 02:39 AM
mewile: Fly like a birdman... 10/09/11 11:07 AM
Buzy28: Throw it to I cant wait till Christmas for a new one 10/09/11 10:37 PM
almost: birdhouse is raw 10/09/11 11:49 PM
ntnned: Switch Fakie Ollie 10/10/11 09:26 AM
halo95: figgy fights old man on his birdhouse video part 10/08/11 12:08 PM
brianu: UPAPONGPONGPONG!!!!! 10/09/11 12:03 PM
rpcjac: Old School skater wanting to try the new style with my son. This should get me started. 10/07/11 03:36 PM
wcutle: Mcguire beam faced at bar pulls his dingling out under table and pisses on guy across, guy: did something spill? lol piss leg no drama 10/07/11 12:30 PM
tryfac: Another collection to my wall of fame boards. Got a turbo 2 board that needs a partner :D 10/09/11 01:38 PM
sonsof: ya you know me from pittsburgh sittin on the curb,palmin a 40 with a bitch on my hittin it tho,matter fact im hittin it slow.... 10/07/11 03:23 PM
jsalem: My board got jacked from my car, and Im cashless. Hook it up! 10/09/11 01:07 PM
hiatt.: Theres nothing better than a sic free board! 10/09/11 09:36 PM
famgla: Thanks! :) 10/09/11 09:25 PM
sk8gon: it would be cool as hell if i had this board... 10/09/11 01:43 PM
zackn@: 10/07/11 11:11 AM
blakec: fork commenting 10/09/11 01:10 PM
larrea: i need it so i can finish my sponsor me vid, and to represent 10/07/11 03:48 PM
bill.l: I will accept this gift. 10/09/11 02:30 PM
eric.s: love free sheet 10/08/11 09:36 AM
makaya: if only it was a ryan sheckler board...... 10/08/11 08:53 AM
jeshra: nice to see the SPoT still kickin, moved to ATL now all of our parks are dead here 10/09/11 01:20 PM


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