Jamie Thomas - Entrepreneur of the Year and Bionic Man Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Jamie Thomas - Entrepreneur of the Year and Bionic Man

I went and got my accounting degree and became a CPA before I realized how much numbers suck. I sure felt smart back then. Unfortunately, the less you know, the more you think you know. I was not smart at all, not that I am now. Anyway, I tried real hard to get a job at this super Captain Corporate big time accounting firm called Ernst & Young. Thank dog those goonies rejected me and I ended up in the sketchy skateboard business. What's that have to do with anything? Well, those geeks just gave Jamie Thomas their annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Wow. Jamie's hard work over there beat out a serious list of workaholics like your parents and these stiffs. He managed all that while also holding up a career as a pro skateboarder and popping out some kids? Congrats Jamie, but I think it's time for a vacation.
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