One Question Interview

The One Question Interview for today is with Element Team Manager Ryan Dewitt. Dewitt babysits some of the best skateboarders in the world.

Dewitt, who on the Element team would you first pick to sit next to on a long plane ride?
Answer: Hmm...Let me think.... Tosh...? No way, the guy is as big as gorilla, will definitely put on a HUGE buzz, and will embarrass me in some way for sure. Brent....? We can barely get him on a plane. Nyjah...? I don’t really play those PSP things. Muska...? He’ll be in first class. Mike V...? He’ll just talk the whole time and tell stories about Tony Hawk and Bam and stuff. Darrell...? Haven’t flown with him yet, but he’d probably be bumping some hip hop on his I pod that I would have absolutely no idea about. Tave...? He’ll miss the flight, no doubt, and have to fly by himself. Bam...? He doesn’t go anywhere with us. Dallas...? He always fly's in and meets us from some weird place like Iowa or Minnesota or something. Vanessa...? Talk about a buzz and embarrassment. Now there's two things I can count on. And although she is probably, no wait, she actually is the most annoying person I know, we always sit together. I think she’s scared to sit next to anybody else and basically makes me sit with her...So I’m pretty much stuck with her and her foul mouth.
But, without a doubt, Brent Atchley. He’ll tell you stories about Burnside like, “then Toothless Kenny got into a fight with Crumbsnatcher over a hot dog and Kenny already had a black eye from the night before...” Stuff like that. The guy is a hysterical. I don’t know how or where he comes up with the stuff he does, but I can surely listen to it for hours.
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