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Back in 2005 when this company called Skate Coverage started a service where they were going to log all magazine coverage and sell reports, the first thing I thought is, "I can do that while I read magazines myself." Being stuck with this numbers/computer brain, stuff like that comes easy. Too bad it's not the same for skateboard tricks. Well, Skate Coverage is long gone, but I'm still here doing what I call Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol, except my data isn't for sale. It's just a wacky side project. I just took over five years of magazine data and went full nerd war on it: A Nerdy Analysis of Sketchy Skateboard Industry Paper Trails. These charts show how each magazine has done as far as total pages, ad pages, and editorial pages over the years since 2005 and from this quick glance, it sure seems like they're all generally shrinking in recent months. For years now, seems like everyone has been saying print is in trouble. Maybe this is evidence of that? Who knows. Check the details here:
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