Get Your Consolidated Skateboard and Your Anal Probe Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Get Your Consolidated Skateboard and Your Anal Probe

At Allegro you can get a toilet seat riser, vinly exam gloves to get the gerbil out of your butt, a deluxe battery powered vacuum erection device to put it back in, plus Conslidated Skateboards, Plan B Skateboards, Crimson Skateboards, and many more. Most of them cheaper than us and many other skate shops. This is just a small sample of what's wrong with our sketchy skateboard industry that you kids will never know about until you grow up and have the "pleasure" of doing business in something you love outside of business and economics. There's plenty of meat wand gayness in the cornhole like this being spread by people that ride skateboards and use the "for skaters by skaters" horrible business slogan, but all anyone seems to focus on is the word "corporate" because your stupid punk rock idol told you to. Stop taking your advice from people who know nothing more than strumming a guitar and pushing. While they're great at entertainment (and I'm buying, at least for entertainment), they suck at everything else in life. Buy whatever you think is cool and the sketchy skateboard industry will be just fine as it always has. Hopefully those brands didn't sell direct to that place. I'd like to believe it was some sketchy distributor that was responsible for that. So I guess I just called out a bunch of my friends that I skate with and have beers and cheers with at the bar aftewards. Sorry about that. If you have an explanation for it, send it over and I'll show it to everyone. Check the Quotes Page for more comedy. I want my website back.
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