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Captain Corporate Posted This

There's a rebroadcast of the Semi-Finals and Finals at the 411 owned Word on the street is that 411 is out of business, or should I say, “pulled out of skateboarding.” Here's an economic news flash, hippies: every kind of company pulls out of skateboarding when things go bad, not just those ones you cry "corporate" or "big business" on. Everyone from Yellow Brand to Bueno to Crimson to Far East did it just like any other corporation not owned by skaters, no matter how big or small. These days there are so many goonies that ride a skateboard that you can no longer assume someone's cool just because they can kickflip. Look at every sales pitch with a skeptical eye, but support whatever you think is cool and the sketchy skateboard industry will be just fine. Watch out for companies that pitch, "Dude, we skate" or the classic, "For skaters, by skaters." Those seem to be the sketchiest and/or goonies, at least to me. Okay, enough with the serious banter. Check out what a maniac Clyde is on the mic. Skateboarding needs more Clyde Singletons.
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