Zaturdays: Baker, The Realest Company In Skateboarding

There’s a certain level of hypocrisy in skateboarding that we all do our best to overlook. Like when we find out that funding from a multinational corporation in fact supports our favorite underground, “skater-owned” company. Or when we discover that the super core pro’s signature product is flying off the shelves at Hot Topic. The thinking goes that even skateboarders have to take the easy money sometimes and there’s no way around it so let’s just pretend it isn’t happening. Read more.

Happy Birthday America, From SPoT

In honor of the birth of our nation, the U.S. of f**king A, we at SPoT give you a hearty salute and a happy 4th of July. Whatever country you call home, go out and skate - it's the ultimate form of freedom. Check out some photos Pat Daly shot while we were messing around and making this little video. Skaters: Dylan Perry and Alejandro Burnell.

A Taste of Baker...

So stoked that the boys from Baker decided to make us one of the stops on their 2015 demo tour. It goes down next Tuesday, July 7th at 4pm, so make sure you're here for it. Check out what happened when they invaded Skate Warehouse / SLO Skatepark back in April...

#TBT Brian Herman - This Is Skateboarding

It’s impossible to know which kids are really going to pan out and have what you could call a skate “career.” Joey Poirez? Knox Godoy? Evan Hernandez? Greg Myers? Sammy Baptista? No. No. No. No. And No. So when Brian Herman came on the scene as a Reynolds prodigy there was no telling. Herman’s Emerica part takes us back to 2003 when he was still rocking the Freddy Krueger stripes and focusing pretty heavily on hitting rails and taking drops. At first you’re thinking, “He could go either way.” But then he brings the tech heat on some ledge lines, finishing one at the Courthouse with a kickflip noseslide on the stage, and all of a sudden you get the idea that there’s a whole lot more to him than the old huck and buck. Herm’s skating continues to evolve to this day and no matter what he does from here on out we’re stoked he’s one of the dudes who panned out.

Damn Am Select Series: Costa Mesa

We are stoked to announce our next stop on the Damn Am Select Series tour: Costa Mesa, California - presented by Volcom and C1RCA Footwear. Once again, it's going down at the epic Volcom Skatepark and once again, we are watching closely for the Damn Am of the Year contender, which will ultimately qualify him for the Nike SB 2016 SLS Pro Open. Hope to see you there in August, so get registered by emailing and peep the full contest details here.

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