SPoT Life: The Road to Damn Am Select Series Atlanta

You know how we do it; the crew loaded up the SPoT van bright and early to get a head start. This go around we stuffed SPoT Team riders Robby Kirkland, Markus Jalaber, Alejandro Burnell and Uncle Sam Bellipanni into the van along with Tampa locals and friends Jean-Luc Vida and Cameron Hunt. Needless to say, we set ourselves up for quite the weekend of fun. Check out the photos.

#TBT Brian Wenning - The DC Video

Brian Wenning partied his skate career away. End of story. The spot-on prediction of his fate that was recorded pretty much word for word in the intro to his DC part in 2003 has become part of his legend. But not only is this a bummer for him, or I’d have to guess, but let’s be selfish here, what about us? He’s not giving us any more of the parts we crave, and deserve! He ruled, all hunched over and awesome, flowing through some of the most buttery ledge lines ever. Best backside nosegrinds in skateboarding, switch and regs. Watch his throwback, and while you’re doing it listen to the interview he did for Tim O’Connor’s podcast on Jenkem. Go ahead, toast some sparkling grape juice to one of the greatest dudes to completely blow it. His Photosynthesis part is also a must see. BTW this is his DC part without the intro.

Go Skate Day 2015

We're taking it back out to the streets this year for Go Skateboarding Day, and DC Shoes is backing us up. We'll be meeting up at SPoT Ybor, skating to Ghetto Gap, giving out some cash for tricks there and then we skate to SPoT, where there will be free BBQ, beers and skating. Come join us if you're in the area! Full details here.

School's Out Jam presented by KR3W

School's almost out and time for the kids to run wild in the streets, so you know what that means: it's our annual School's Out Jam, and KR3W is hooking it up again this year. Boo Johnson and Taylor Kirby will be here skating and hyping up the crowd, so don't miss out on this one. Get registered to skate by going here and we'll see you on June 6!

A Case of the Mondays: Krystal Ralph X SPoT Guest Artist Series

You might remember a couple weeks ago, we released a special Guest Artist Series board by a local homie and Ybor City tattoo artist, Krystal Ralph. But if you're anything like me, you can't remember a damn thing, so here's a recap by Luke Pallone on this week's Case.

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