Throwback Tuesday

When it comes to flatground tricks the fakie heelflip is always one of my weaknesses. (The achilles heelflip) It's rare when someone gets it right, you either have it or you don't. Sml Talk put together a list of notable fakie heels, which obviously doesn't include Wieger Van Wageningen cause we all know he's got it on lock. I also want to add Fred Gall's fakie heel from Mosaic during his Ozzy/Andrew WK phase to the list. With all that said, I leave you with Jake Johnson.

A Case of the Mondays: Matix

We don't deal with too much cold here in Florida, but those of you that do will appreciate the Matix Fall 2014 lineup of softgoods. And hey, they've got some lighter jackets for us 60-degrees-is-freezing wimps down here.

Damn Am NYC at LES (Coleman Oval Skatepark)

We are stoked to be a part of Damn Am NYC this year at LES (Coleman Oval Skatepark). Nike SB will be presenting and you know the skating will be insane. Save the date - September 26-28, 2014, and click here for full details.

SPoT Wear Test: The Hufnagel 2

The Hufnagel 2 shoe from HUF hit the shelves Monday and we wanted the full report. Here's SPoT employees, Tom McKessy, Andy Johnson, and Luke Pallone giving these kicks a trial run around Ybor City. Video by Jean-Luc Vida.

Ride Channel presents: Open

Ride Channel put together this rad series of shop videos called "Open" and we got 4th in line. Here's a full Skatepark of Tampa team edit, filmed by Frank Branca, and featuring Eric McKenney, Dylan Perry, Markus Jalaber, Uncle Sam, Clive Dixon, Jereme Knibbs, James Cobb, Alejandro Burnell and Robby Kirkland ripping up the Bay area.

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