SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series at Woodward PA - Saturday Finals & Best Trick

That's it for our first Damn Am from Woodward PA. Everyone was stoked, these dudes ripped and that's all that counts. High-fives to everyone who placed, and hell...everyone who came out, for that matter. Without you, these contests would be pretty boring. And a huge thanks to all our sponsors: C1RCA, Bones Wheels, Dakine, Independent, Santa Cruz, Bones Bearings, Transworld, Ride Channel, Street League, Mob Grip, and of course, all the rad people at Woodward Skate Camp for letting us crash their Summer Camp. Next stop: NYC!

See photos.

SPoT Life: How Josh Douglas Won Damn Am Woodward PA

It was a close call, but in the end, Florida's own Josh Douglas came out first place in Finals during Damn Am at Woodward Camp with a buttery style and a mixed bag of tricks. Congrats to him and to Alex Midler (2nd) and Liam McCabe (3rd). Stay tuned for the full episode of SPoT Life from the Finals and Best Trick, and don't forget to follow us @SPoTTampa.

SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series at Woodward PA - Friday Qualifiers

Qualifiers at Damn Am Woodward PA heated up yesterday, with some insane ripping from hungry amateurs trying to get that top spot. At the end of the day, it was Tanner VanVark and Jamie Foy that snatched up the Golden Tickets straight into the Finals today. And lest we forget about the mind-blowing Mini Mega comp?! Watch it all on this episode of SPoT Life and go check out some photos while you're at it.

Damn Am Select Series 2015: Woodward PA Thursday Practice

The Qualifying runs at Damn Am Select Series here in Woodward, PA should be starting around 12pm ET and judging by the ripping during practice yesterday, it's gonna be one for the books. On top of all the street skating, there will also be a Mini Mega contest, so if you're here, you're in for a treat. Make sure you follow us @SPoTTampa for daily photos and video all weekend. Here's some photos from Thursday's shredfest.

#TBT: Kenny Hughes Third Eye View

Kenny Hughes ruled. Still does in fact. His skating was defined partly by his size. He’s big, and a lightness on his feet turned everything he tried to butter. Kenny could make a frontside heelflip look like a trick we should all be doing. The thing is, Kenny never really gave us the cache of footy we were always wanting. He was selective to a fault. If you were a fan in search of your next fix, then sorry ‘boutcha. Here’s one of the few Hughes parts in existence, Element’s Third Eye View video from 1998, and it’s solid gold. Check out his Element World Tour part for more.