SPoT Product Watch: Converse CONS Sage + Sean Pack

Taking a closer look at the Sage Elsesser and Sean Pablo Pack from Converse CONS, you'll find they took two of their most iconic silhouettes and paired them with two of the most trending fashion icons within skateboarding at the moment. Read More

Pro Course Construction 2015 (Part One)

Once again, it's time to rip up the Pro Course and put it back together with an even better layout than before. As much as I liked the old one, I'm pretty stoked to see how the new one will come together. Check out some shots that Frank Branca got of the first round of progress. Don't forget there is FREE SKATING until we finish, and we still have a rad concrete course and kid course. More updates as we get them. See photos.


On the long and winding road to becoming a superstar celebrity pro, or burned out failed amateur, taking at least one crack at Tampa Am is basically a given. Some of the stories we’ve heard a million times, like the one about Felipe Gustavo’s dad selling the family car to pay for the trip, but while that one’s the most dramatic, there are a million others, some good, some not so good. Over the course of a solid 10 years I spent interviewing pros for The Skateboard Mag, the subject of Tampa Am would come up time and again when drilling down to the origins of their careers. So in an effort to shine a little light on some of them, I went to the furthest corners of my hard drive and pulled some of the best Tampa Am quotes I could find. After you win Tampa Am this year I’ll add your quote to the list in 2016. Read more.

SPoT Life: NYC with TOA 2015

Whenever we take a road trip to NYC (in this case, for a Damn Am event), we got to hit up the Theories of Atlantis crew, not only because they're solid dudes that all rip, but most of them are old Florida homies. So being in the Big Apple a while back this year, we did just that. Static series mastermind Josh Stewart and the whole squad showed us the hot spots and gave us a tour of the TOA HQ in this episode of SPoT Life. You should also check out Matt Price's photos here.

#TBT: Tampa Am 1999

The 22nd annual Tampa Am is just over a month away. The history of the Am includes a non-stop stream of future legends who came and ripped it, and that’s why it still matters. You always know the winner is basically guaranteed a pro career. What he does with it is the only variable. Here’s a link to some footage that looks to have been filmed on a road trip to the Am back in 1999. Mike Peterson was the champ that year. The footage also shows us a Baby Shecks with a flame helmet, big pants, Pontus Alv, Bam before he was famous, Jerry Hsu focusing his body, and Eric Ellington doing a biggie front board down the handrail, which incidentally won Best Trick that year. Things change, huh?