It came as a shock to a lot of people when the SLS / SPoT partnership was announced this past February. Turned out pretty amazing didn’t it? And in homage to the journey, I was going to do a top 10 list of the highlights up to this point, but top 10 lists are played. So in a tip of the hat to the Super Crown Championship finalists this weekend, here’s a top eight list of my picks for the heaviest SLS moments of 2015. Read more.

If you can't make it to the Super Crown in Chicago today, The Bricks will be playing the live webcast on the big screen, with sound. Stop by and check it out if you're in the area...you won't want to miss it.

Zaturdays: Not Another Skateboarder Inquiry

So we were at the Nike Pop up park at 50 Kent in Brooklyn the day before we did the Damn Am NYC last month, and a youngish kid, (I’ll call him W) approached me saying he’d emailed Eric and me that morning about entering Damn Am. I let him know I hadn’t checked my email but that we’d been doing registration for the last two months and that it was probably a little late to try to register now. I said he’d probably have to wait until next year (“just don’t wait up until the day before the contest haha”). I promised I’d get back to him about his email later on. Let the record show that W was maybe the nicest kid of all time, and that he wasn’t being pushy, he really just wanted to know what he had to do to skate the Damn Am next year. The email shown was in the old inbox when I was back on my computer that night. Read more.

Street League Super Crown World Championships in Chicago

This Sunday in Chicago is the Final of Finals: The Street League Super Crown World Championship, presented by Nike SB. Luan, Nyjah, P-Rod, Shane and more in the men's division, and recently announced will be the women's division, featuring Leticia Bufoni, Lacey Baker, and Pamela Rosa, to name a few. We're stoked to be a part of it, with Brian Schaefer and Paul Zitzer out there hyping up the crowd and interviewing the Pros. If you can't make it, we'll be playing the live webcast at The Bricks starting with the women's division at 2pm ET and men's division at 5pm ET. Come join us and cheer on your favorite...no matter who wins, it's going to be one for the books. More info here or at Streetleague.com.

Vans Syndicate SK8 Hi NYC "S"

Celebrating a decade of Vans Syndicate would not be complete without a proper tribute to New York skateboarding icon Andy Kessler. As the third installment honoring the 10th anniversary of Syndicate, this October 3 Vans releases the Sk8-Hi Reissue NYC "S" inspired by the east coast skateboarding legend. Touted as one of the original pioneers of New York skateboarding in the 1970s and 1980s, Kessler is remembered for his dedicated community work in building public skateparks, inspiring locals and skateboarders from all walks of life to be a part of the emerging New York skate scene. See more photos.