Highlights from last year's Spring Roll

Last year at our Spring Roll All Ages contest, Lakai came through with Sebo Walker and Daniel Espinoza and it was one hell of a weekend. Check out some highlights of how it went down and then get registered to skate. Ronnie Sandoval, Jon Sciano and Riley Hawk will be here ripping this year and you don't want to miss that. See full contest details right here.

#TBT Rodney Mullen: Bones Brigade Video Show

This video part turned out to be perhaps the single most influential pieces of skate footage ever released. You would not guess it by looking at the gear. It dates back to 1984, when Rodney Mullen was still just known as a freestyler that was noticeably more tech and exciting than any of the other freestylers. But between all the crazy pogos and caspers and wacky gear, the seeds of street skating were planted with the first ollie, the first kickflip, and the first Kevin Romar nollie back 3 ever witnessed. The Bones Brigade Video Show is considered to be the first modern skate video. It’s also pretty hilarious. Skateboarding was figuring itself out back then, and if you look back at it 30 years from now you’ll see that it still is today.

friends of spot

Frank Branca has been getting a lot of footage on the sly, and just put together this rad little video featuring a whole bunch of ripping by some local faces. Presenting Friends of SPoT, with James Coleman, Brandon Knowles, Manny Claudio, Chris Blake, Dylan Perry, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Sean Conover, Bryan Pederson, Chad Poore, Yonis Molina, Chris Jata, Dean Donnini, Danny Fuenzalida, and Eric McKenney.

Dylan Perry's Tampa State of Mind

During Tampa Pro this year, the homie Dylan Perry took Pacsun on a tour of some local Tampa spots and Ybor City and what he likes to skate. If you didn't catch it on Street League's site, we put it here for you. Check out his Tampa State of Mind. Dylan also makes some pretty rad custom griptape, which you can pick up here.

A Case of the mondays: the kayo corp

Kayo always comes in hot with a slew of fresh looking product from DGK, Organika, Expedition One and Gold Wheels. Let's check in with Luke Pallone and see what they brought us this round.

Video: Frank Branca

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