If you haven’t been paying attention to the amateur contest circuit these last couple of years, you may not have heard us spouting off about how the Damn Am can lead to a pro skateboarding career. Our tagline officially calls it “The pathway to Tampa Am & SLS Pro Open.”

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SPoT Skate Camp & Summer Hours Start Next Week

SPoT Summer Skate Camp officially starts on Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day). We also start Summer Hours, which means that you can come skate earlier now that school's out. If you want to skip all those boring camps that have you making birdhouses, go to to sign up. You'll get all the basics of skateboarding, taught by our skilled instructors, and walk away with tons of free stuff. Can't beat that...

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TBT - Louie Barletta Tilt Mode Bonus Round

This Louie part is one of a kind, and the bails are just as good as the makes.

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SPoT Product Watch - DLXSF Decks

All new wood from Deluxe Distribution has arrived, including a new #ToddFrancis series for Anti-Hero, the "Spliced" series from REAL, and all new one-off graphics from Krooked.

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Creature VI Video Premiere & Concrete Jam Coverage

A few weeks ago, we held a premiere for Creature's newest video, "VI" here at SPoT. Like always, we never do things half-assed, so we decided to throw in a Concrete Jam to mix it up. Add in a bunch of free stuff from Creature and Converse and it was one hell of an evening.

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