TBT - Pat Stiener Static 3

If you keep up with Theories, or Josh Stewart, or any of the OG Static posse you already know that Static III is celebrating 10 Years. Seems impossible! But let’s use it as an opportunity to throw one back to SPoT’s favorite silent assassin, Pat Stiener.

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2017 Boards For Bros Distribution Day

Less than 2 miles away from SPoT is a fun little public skatepark next to DeSoto Elementary School. It has a great mini ramp and is usually not busy because none of the neighborhood kids have skateboards. It might be nice to have the whole park to yourself but it’s never good to have a public skatepark not being used by the locals. Boards for Bros fixed that last week with our Annual Christmas Distribution...

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The Motivation 3 Is Now Available on Netflix

The third film in "The Motivation" series is the inspirational story of 4 amazing skateboarders (Zion Wright, Aurelien Giraud, Dashawn Jordan and Lucas Alves) as they overcome personal obstacles while competing for a life-changing win at the 2016 Tampa Am. It's now available to stream on Netflix, so make sure you go check it out, along with the other 2 films.

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Zaturdays - Gift Ideas For the Skater That Has Everything

If you’re trying to shop for that spoiled rich kid who kid who has the latest Supreme gear, the entire collection of Santa Cruz Garbage Pail kids boards, and the GoPro Hero 6 with a Death Lens, then this list might help you get your Christmas shopping done.

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TBT - Torey Pudwill's Big Bang

You best get your tent out for this week’s TBT…because Torey Pudwill is inviting you along for a camp out extravaganza at the world’s waxiest ledge spots. This 2011 opus has T-Puds balancing back tails and nose blunts like no one before or since.

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