Lotion "July": A Video by Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson not only kills it in the shop here at SPoT, but he also put out a pretty rad short video for his new project - Lotion. The film is called "July" and features ripping by Derick Wynn, Derick Glancy, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Darius King, Alejandro Burnell and James Cobb. If you missed the premiere a couple days ago, don't worry...we've got it posted. Make sure you pick up some Lotion gear, available right here at SPoT and give Josh a high five the next time you see him.

Zaturdays: My Apology to Matt Berger

With Matt Berger coming to Tampa next weekend for the etnies Back to School Bash, I thought I should take this opportunity to clear the air a little bit so there’s no bad blood between him and any of us at SPoT. Because the truth is, I owe Matt Berger an apology, a big one, for personally spoiling his chance to potentially win the Barcelona Street League Pro Open. For that Matt, I am truly sorry. What follows is my story. Read more.

Back to School Bash presented by etnies: Throwback

We're gearing up for the next all ages contest here at SPoT next Saturday: the Back to School Bash presented by etnies. David Reyes and Matt Berger are coming to town and we're pretty stoked to have them on board. Get registered here if you want to skate and check out last year's coverage below.

Click here for full details.

#TBT Chico Brenes "Finally"

If I had to pick one year as my all time favorite in skateboarding it might be 1993. The FTC video Finally is part of the reason. This was another rare instance of a skateshop putting out a video that had an all-star line up of dudes coming through with noteworthy parts, including Mike Carroll and Jeron Wilson. Chico shined as well, showing us what was what when it comes to style. Cheeks didn’t get the gnarliest or flip his board the craziest, instead he focused on being buttery. Pay special attention to that SSFS heel right at the end. He’s always been one of the smoothest of operators, so yeah, the song goes with it perfectly and we’re left wanting just a little bit more. We’d have settled for a lot more though.

Photos and Video: The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 5 Year Anniversary Party

Hard to believe that it's been 5 Years since Brian Schaefer and crew opened up the Bricks restaurant in Ybor, along with our sister shop: SPoT Ybor. This year Vans and our friends at SubAp! came through to help us put on a huge block party, complete with a mini ramp session (courtesy of Instaramp), booze, bands, and a lot more, despite some bad weather. Read more.

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