#TBT: Tampa Am 1999

The 22nd annual Tampa Am is just over a month away. The history of the Am includes a non-stop stream of future legends who came and ripped it, and that’s why it still matters. You always know the winner is basically guaranteed a pro career. What he does with it is the only variable. Here’s a link to some footage that looks to have been filmed on a road trip to the Am back in 1999. Mike Peterson was the champ that year. The footage also shows us a Baby Shecks with a flame helmet, big pants, Pontus Alv, Bam before he was famous, Jerry Hsu focusing his body, and Eric Ellington doing a biggie front board down the handrail, which incidentally won Best Trick that year. Things change, huh?

SPoT Employee of the Month Party - September 2015

We're back with September's SPoT Employee of the Month! This obviously goes to the most deserving employee who goes above and beyond for said month, but I can't think of anyone of our staff that is more deserving than Chris Preston (Sorry fellas!). Chris not only posts to the site, social and designs all SPoT Private Label, he does all this for The Bricks, Boards for Bros & Damn Am. In addition, he holds it down throughout Tampa DJ'ing and skates more daily than most. From all of SPoT, thanks for all you do DJ Cub! See photos.

Converse Triple C's: Downtown St. Petersburg

We rounded up the squad for another CONS Triple C's session, this time across the bridge into Downtown St. Pete. Derick Wynn, Jack Loktu and special guest Jimmy Mastrocolo test out the new Converse Sage Elsesser CTAS Pro Hi's.

Video: Frank Branca


It came as a shock to a lot of people when the SLS / SPoT partnership was announced this past February. Turned out pretty amazing didn’t it? And in homage to the journey, I was going to do a top 10 list of the highlights up to this point, but top 10 lists are played. So in a tip of the hat to the Super Crown Championship finalists this weekend, here’s a top eight list of my picks for the heaviest SLS moments of 2015. Read more.

If you can't make it to the Super Crown in Chicago today, The Bricks will be playing the live webcast on the big screen, with sound. Stop by and check it out if you're in the area...you won't want to miss it.