Product Watch - Vans Spring 2018

Season after season, Vans always delivers form, function, and classic style. Vans Spring 2018 Pro footwear and apparel is no exception. Check the photos on the next page and cop your favorites in the shop or right here online.

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TBT - Johnny Layton's Lost "Propeller" Part

This week we're throwing it allll the way back to 2016 and Johnny Layton's 31st birthday part, courtesy of The Berrics. A lot of people thought J-Lay dropped off the face of the earth after his so-called "retirement" when really he was just quietly working on being the hype / promotion man for Vans and still crushing it on a skateboard.

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Give the Gift of Skateboarding at Clash of the Crews

Clash of the Crews is this weekend and not only will there be some serious ripping, but our official non-profit charity Boards for Bros will be set up in the courtyard. So if you have any old boards that aren't broken, or even skateboard parts, come by and say hey to Michelle. She'll take your donations that will help with our Give Day later on this year. You can also win cool stuff when you donate! For more info about Boards For Bros, go to

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2018

It's a holiday which means you're probably out skating your favorite spots with the homies, but take a second to look around at who you're sessioning with. Most likely it's people of all different colors and backgrounds. Hard to imagine that this would even be possible without Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to aid in the destruction of injustice, racism, hate and bigotry in our society. Dr. King was a humble man, but not afraid to stand firm in the face of inequality, not just for African-Americans but for all humans.

Vans Clash of the Crews - Last Year's Coverage

Clash of the Crews is one of our favorite annual events. We get to see some old homies and go head to head in friendly competition. Last year, future KOTR Jamie Foy and the Island Water Sports squad shut it down (watch the video here). But besides all that, Vans hooks it up proper with enough extras to keep it super fun for everyone. This year's event takes place January 20th and you can expect another great weekend.

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