Black Friday Sale + Free Skating at SPoT

Make sure you guys take advantage of SPoT's Black Friday Sale this week, presented by Supra. You can come skate off that Thanksgiving feast for FREE all day, and of course get sick deals like 25% off all Supra shoes and apparel, 15% off select soft goods, 10% off hard goods, $20 shoes, wovens, sweatshirts and pants, and that's not even the full list. Follow us at @SPoTTampa on Insta and we'll post the rest on Wednesday. Skip all that Wal-Mart insanity and come get what you really want. Plus we'll have coffee and breakfast waiting for you at the door. You can't beat that...

2nd Annual Boards For Bros Build Day In Honor of Matt Woods

Our second annual Boards For Bros Build Day in Honor of Matt Woods was an amazing success. Seriously, it's unreal how many of you came out and showed your support. We got over 200 complete skateboards built in a matter of hours, and even had a chance to give some out to the kids from Positive Spin organization. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it happen and especially all the people who donated trucks, wheels, boards, bearings, grip, hardware, etc. Check out some photos from the event here, and take a look at the video that Ashley Page (one of our volunteers) made below. #BaldEagleForever

SPoT Product Watch: Nike SB Gold Pack

The "Week of Greatness" collection or "Gold Pack" as we've referred to it, features three silhouettes from the Nike SB lineup that never disappoint. The Trainerendor in a premium black leather, Janoski Max in a black printed mesh, and the Zoom Janoski in a synthetic gold. These items arrived just in time to put a new kit together before the holiday, so go out this Wednesday night with some Gold Greatness on your feet. Available now in-store and online. See more photos.

Tampa Am 2015 Wrap Up Article by Paul Zitzer

Paul Zitzer wrote a pretty solid wrap up article for Tampa Am over on Street League's website. If you want to read about the entire weekend in a nutshell, go check it out here.

Zaturdays: Survey Says! Tampa Am Prediction Results

In my Zaturdays column the week before Tampa Am I got a little cocky and spewed some predictions for Tampa Am. Well, the results are in, and let’s just say I’ve seen better. Read more